Please revert back to the previous movement system and get rid of the "slippery" mode when releasing the keys

The new “slippery” mode is horrible, especially for a game where every foot of where you move counts as you interact with the environment. I find it very much non enjoyable to have to press left and right twenty times just to finally make it to the spot where I want to stand, whether I use a horse or just run around. Please revert back to the old “movement” mechanism, as this is just making the game lame and hard to enjoy playing.


I agree with this, as I play on PS4. Trying to place a furniture piece in the exact spot I want it, but when I barely tap the joystick my character slides a foot in the direction… really makes it hard to place objects.

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Disagree. Best thing with the update is the movement change with the damage buff. I dont get how people cant be more precice clicking keys lol.

Fast paced movement is more enjoyable than slowpaced. Higher skillgap too.

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