Movement too quick?

Am I the only one that thinks character movement is quick and twitchy? I’m having a hard time placing items because just a button tap is a meter step. Is there any way to slow it down a bit?

PC keyboard.

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By default I believe if you hold backspace, you walk at slow speed. Not sure of a toggle but it’s something

Thanks, I’ll check to see if I can toggle it because it’s a PITFA to place items precisely.

I havent had any problems at all with the new movement, and I build and decorate alot. it feels just as it did before when placing. And when running around in the world exploring and fighting it just feels better and more responsive then before :slight_smile: i like it.


If I also notice my character accelerated and nervous, too fast.

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Cut back on the three pots of coffee every day. :laughing:


Back space didn’t work. My opinion is PC is suffering from an adjustment made for consoles.

Or don’t fall asleep when you are pressing buttons :wink:

Check your keybindings under settings. For me it is backspace and this should be the default for everyone as well.

Just your playstyle. I have no problems with the new movement at all. I like it even more than the old one.

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No, it was a server issue. :roll_eyes:

I noticed this on TestLive NA before it went down. I initially thought it must be some setting I needed to fix, but apparently not because when I went back on the live version of the game everything was back to normal. Movement is so quick and seemingly jerky it’s hard to position accurately I need to go into walk mode. I very much like the old movement speed better it feels much more lifelike and controllable.

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I’ve been playing around with the movement a bit on Testlive as well.

I think it’s too fast/twitchy/spastic compared to the otherwise smooth movement we have.
I understand this is made so that strafing while target-locked is faster but I don’t know…

Personally I’d prefer if they reverted this change, or made a setting for it.
I might misremember, but I think they mentioned something on a devstream.

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I agree, it could be toned down slightly for PC but overall it is an improvement from current live version.

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movement is good as it is on test live right now

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I like the more flexible movement. But I dont see a reason to have a perk that gives you faster running, swimming and sprinting. It just makes less builds viable since atleast in PVP you kinda have to go for 15 agg because of that perk. Both for chasing and getting chased.

And for low level players it’s an huge disadvantage aswell.

I rather see they keep “cost less stamina ones” but remove the “are faster” otherwise I think it’s good

I kinda agree and dont at same time - there’s no cripple perk which means cripple is buffed and people can go other builds based on cripple - we need to see how it will work, a lot testing needs to be done.

Cripple is buffed yes. But just because that there is no point having an perk that gives you faster running. If everyone has the same speed no matter perk it will still be the same. I think some of the perks in general is a little bit to strong because you gonna need to have them, for example 20 vit, there is no reason you shouldnt go 20 vit, both those perks are needed, one is a bit boring in my opinion ( last stand ) but the other one is needed since healing is nerfed from food.

Have You tested chasing with perk vs no perk? I wonder how much of difference it makes.

I can tell it’s a big difference in speed just by swap between them. In PVP u will have to go for 15 agg because of it

20 STR
15 AGI
20 VIT

Also the 1st Grit perk is bugged. When you die or you spec AGI after GRIT, the effect is removed, which means you lose 20 stamina.