Movement too quick?

Movement is too quick in Decorative mode which ignores walk mode.

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Yes that’s the build you gotta go for .

Im not suprised stam is bugged. It is bugged in live version aswell. Where u sometimes have 220 stam and sometimes have 169 after feast.

I believe this is the movement @DeaconElie is referring to:

Conan Exiles Update 3.0 Livestream!

Testlive Update 3.0 (2022.08.04): The Age of Sorcery

This is only experienced while having the setting;

Personally I strongly dislike this change, but perhaps it could be a sprint while moving sideways?
Like using sprint while strafing, since dodging is now less impactful when you can just strafe faster.

Or have it be be included to the Agility Perk:

Quickfooted - Jogging, sprinting, jumping, swimming, and climbing costs less stamina and are faster.

The issues I’ve faced so far is;
- Difficulties decorating and having to use the “walk-mode” at all times.
- Difficulties navigating small ledges without suffering mini-scares of almost throwing myself off the cliff.
- Personally disliking the look of the now jittery animation compared to the previously smooth animation.

Maybe I’m in the minority here, but it’s a nay for me. Otherwise I LOVE the new 3.0 update! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Big thanks to @Multigun for summarizing dev streams to make it easier to find!

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The movement issues I am having is while placing items. Multiple times I’ve had issues place benches and such because I can’t move just a tap. A tap is a full step, a tap back is another full step. I wish there was a
“building speed” where a tap is just a quarter step.

I’ll check that setting.

I agree with you, the CONTROLLER STYLE MOVEMENT is the setting which allows you to strafe.
When it’s set to On, your character will start to walk at the direction you’re moving instead of strafing.

Meaning that players whom never had this setting set to Off doesn’t notice any difference from before.

Edit: You can use “Crouch” to slow the movement down and place items easier.

Would like to see the new jerky movement system revert to the old system, or baring that, at least an admin option to opt out of the new jerky movement system. Having a character move this unrealistically is pretty immersion breaking as it looks so unrealistic, in addition to, as I mentioned before, making exact placement of items more difficult. The ability to move out of the way of an attack using less stamina, which seems to be the focus could, could easily be compensated for by buffing the old roll system.

One solution to placement is to stand further away from the placement point. This isn’t always possible and the resolution is lowered a but the angles are decreased and placement ends up being more precise.

I love the new movement BTW. It’s great for everything else! Makes a noticeable difference is close combat!

Suprised that no one mentioned the new ugly animation while having weapon equipped during running tho :face_with_spiral_eyes::rofl:

There is currently a bug that dis-allows the walk while a weapon or tool is equipped, which includes the construction hammer. This is unfortunate for those of us that used to switch to walk in order to place decorations more precisely.


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