Walking speed - needs adjustment (feet sliding on ground)

I’ve noticed that the generic walking speed is actually not quite fast enough for the animation. (I am not talking about when over-encumbered.) If you look closely at your character’s feet when walking, you can see that it looks like their feet are sliding on the ground a bit, like they are walking on a treadmill. In single player mode, I am able to adjust my character’s speed and I have found that at a speed of 1.2 or 1.3 removes the sliding when walking. I also personally feel that the walking speed is a bit too slow so bumping it up a bit would be helpful and would also look better. It’s a little thing, but it bugs me lol.

Well, I never noticed that. Just always felt that sprinting should be a thing.

Hmm, yes that too would be nice.
Yeah, like i already mentioned, it is a small thing but ever since i noticed that the walking speed wasn’t quite set correctly, it has bugged me.

Um sprinting is a thing, I don’t know what platform you play on, but the default key to sprint on PC is shift.

What my strong enduring muscleman calls sprinting, I call jogging in real life… but perception is subjective. :man_shrugging:

Something to keep in mind, your characters height would play a roll in how well the animation syncs with the actual footfalls when walking.

The devs probably didn’t take into account we can change character height.

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Yeah, the shift key is what i like to think of as running. It would be cool to have a sprint key as well. Would change game dynamics a bit though i imagine.

Good point @tobbiusness. I haven’t played around with that at all. I typically go on the taller side with my characters so that could be why I am always seeing this

I’m a long time gamer, regardless of how fast or slow that key makes the character, the slight speed boost from the standard speed is called “sprint” in almost every game.

I would agree with you, i was just trying to explain what both legendaddy and i meant by our use of the word sprint.

The speed can;t get any faster for walking. It is already absurdly easy to walk around enemies, both NPC and Players, without taking damage. Faster would just make it an easier escape mechanic.

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