Please seperate "drop item" and "loot all"

This is the 3rd time i’ve dropped my Khari Waterskin randomly by using the space bar to Loot All on a container and not noticing the first press dropped the item from the first slot of my inventory. There is no way to remove this binding while preserving the ability to “Loot All” which is an important inventory function that everyone uses.

I’ve never found using the space bar to drop an item useful since the selection click press can more easily just be dragged to the left and dropped without using the keyboard at all.


I did it a lot of times too :joy::joy::joy:. Some time ago a rumor that a collectable action on chests might bug them It trigger me to loot all the chest and then drop down whatever I don’t need. So it happens to me too, a lot. Especially when I am in a hurry. I know that there is a button configuration, somewhere, but I never bother to check and make the effort to see if it’s possible to change the button.


Never really understood why these two functions were on the same button to begin with. It’s not much of a problem for me now though, after I got in the habit of clicking the loot all button rather than hitting space bar specifically to avoid this issue.

Still, it’s way too easy to do something you didn’t intend to when the UI functions switch around like that. I’ve had similar issues with another set of commands swapping around on me. Been taking a break from CE, so I don’t remember exactly what it was, but I think it’s the “give”/“take” and “use” or maybe “drop” functions when rapidly moving multiple different items between containers. Like while stone or wood is selected, it will be take, but as soon as I hit a consumable the function changes on me and the buttons flip around.


My understanding is that you CAN remap the button in an ini file configuration, but it still behaves the same way doing both actions. 2 of the times ive lost my Waterskin has been looting fish traps which dont seem to have the loot all button, although pushing space bar first drops an item in your inventory then the second press does a loot all.


This is like UI design 101, I’m pretty sure this was discussed in my very very basic computer science class at the community college. A similar problem you might be remembering is the “E” key when wanting to move your thrall and just literally picking rocks… I havent looked into a way to change this, but the basic interact button is way to overused for various purposes when we got like 100? keys on the keyboard.

I am really sorry to hear that, I really hope devs will listen your call and separate these actions with different buttons, or give you the opportunity by button configuration to do it your self, since thousands of players do not seem to have a problem with it. I remember years ago when I started playing minecraft on pc the Q button was the reason I lost a lot of good staff in the bottom of the deep sea, it was really frustrating so I decided to abort this option.


You know that when you drop something from your inventory it drops right at your feet ? And you just need to look down to see the loot bags where the item is. Then open the loot bag and (of course :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: ) use the loot all button to retrieve it.

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This right here is one of the most irritating things… That, and the inability to tell your thrall to go anywhere beyond a few feet away, and the absolutely miniscule ‘hitboxes’ on enemies meaning you have approximately one pixel to click on to tell them to attack a plainly visible enemy from beyond its aggro range…

I also agree with your OP 100%. I’ve lost so many important things from accidentally dropping them when I tried to pick something up. I always double check any loot bags before leaving the area to make sure there isn’t anything important laying around getting ready to despawn on me.

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