Take All Function Causes Items to Drop

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Oceania

I found that using the Take All function (when opening a chest for example) causes the top left item in your inventory to be highlighted. When you next press the space bar (to take all again), the top left item in your inventory is dropped - because the space bar also serves as a drop key.

I lost two bearer packs in this way. I could not work out how I had lost them - but worked it out when I went to check my fish traps. Using take all a few times in a row to check the traps, I saw I was dropping items as I went.

I’m guessing there is no need to highlight the top left item in the inventory when you Take All?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


I’ve noticed this too. It seems to be random.

About half the time when I open a container, the first item in my inventory is selected, the other half of the time it is not so pressing Space takes all appropriately instead of dropping my item.

I checked out the input files and found out that both Drop and Take All are combined in the same command, so there’s no way to assign separate key bindings to them.


It makes absolutely no sense why they would configure it this way. Drop ‘and’ Take All on the same button? That’s stupid. If they had their own separate entries then we could give them different keybindings and all would be good.

As an FYI there are three input files you can use to change bindings on things that are not listed in the in-game keybinding menu, they just don’t help in this case.

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After many, many hours of looting all the chests while doing countless thrall runs through Sepermeru and The Black Galleon, I’ve found that the few chests this happens on is due to your proximity.

If you are not quite “close enough” to the particular chests, the [Take All] is just a clickable button with no key command listed and so when you naturally hit [Spacebar], it resorts to the dropping the item from your inventory.

If you move closer to the chest, the the key command is then listed beneath [Take All] and works properly. So, it essentially becomes a “look before you leap” type of deal. That or making sure you’re always right against the chests.

And I definitely agree about it being on the same key as “drop item” and it is damn annoying. For me, the things I kept losing happened to be Sandstorm Mask or a stack of Snake Arrows before I finally caught on. Even if they didn’t have better configurable mapping, they could have at least made it share the new quick loot “Loot All” [F] key.