Please show which thrall stances are active!

We need a possibility to inform the player about the stances a thrall is set to. This is why:

There are three tactics behaviours:

  • Tac-Defend Stand and defend

  • Tac-Melee Prioritize melee

  • Tac-Ranged Prioritize ranged

There are 4 options to chose from engagement behaviours:

  • Eng-GuardArea Guard Area

  • Eng-GuardMe Guard me

  • Eng-AttackAllEnemies Attack all enemies

  • Eng-AttackNothing Attack nothing

And 2 options where you select distances:

  • Eng-AttackDistance Attack Distance

  • Eng-ChaseDistance Chase Distance

So mathematically you can set at least 12 combinations from the tactical and engagement behaviours, and you have 5 options from each distance setting. So in the end, there are 12 x 5 x 2 =

120 different combinations available.

If you take into consideration that a clan can have 100 (atm even more) thralls and of course several players, it is obviously impossible to keep track of the stances guarding thralls are set to.

ATM people are a little confused about what the best settings are for the different base defence tasks. For trying out and applying the best options, it is essential to know what the thrall in question is set to. How are we even supposed to do any testing without having these options displayed?

Different suggestions have already been made on the forum about this. One solution would be to highlight the selected option in the relevant menu, A more sophisticated alternative beeing a display in the followers tab or an expansion of the status / health display.

BTW - great update nonetheless (giving 120 option to chose is indeed a big deal without all irony)!!


Yeah, adding the icons to the thrall management menu would be a good solution. Maybe even as icons floating over the follower’s head along with their name and type when the targeting reticle is on them. I’d rather not go through the radial menu to check which choices are highlighted for every darn thrall in my bases.


If this would not be a nifty solution worthy of the noble barbarian warlord aristocrats that we became!!
You could easily inspect your henchmen´s and henchwomen´s status while trotting past the shiny castles.

Or quick check your remaining five fighters in the heat of a grim battle - if they were in the right mental condition to hold the last line of defense - before you head out into the flame filled air to make one desperate approach to destroy the attackers´ siege weaponry (…)

I think that would make some splendid advertising pictures for the game!

I asked for this during testing, and stand by the request.


Agree we need to be able to see what the active settings are so we don’t have to go through and set everything again. Seems like it would have been common sense to add this.

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Imagine driving a car without the gearshift lever indicating what gear has been chosen… Not only a quality of live feature, I suppose…

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