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Wouldn’t it be better if the appearance of an online player didn’t renew the entire building’s decay timer, but just a tiny fragment (slowly)? To renew the timer each player would have to visit all their buildings, stay there for a while. :timer_clock:

Then, if we set up the most-used workstations in the distant points of the building, we won’t even notice that we’ve renewed our timer by simply playing.

This does not force us to work (collect materials), we can do whatever we want in our buildings (produce or paint equipment / watch the views or dance with companions). This does not create any building limit.

The idea is that refilling the timer will take longer than just appearing on the mount next to the building then fly to the next one or just appearing inside for a minute to renew entire building’s timer and disappearing for 7 days. :yawning_face: It should also be considered an abuse. :smiling_imp:


It’s a nice idea but we should never forget that old people(me​:rofl:) play this game too and do not accept changes so easily. Some people like their habits and this game can give you a lot. To many players use this mechanics to maintain public services, like map rooms, dancers that remove corruption, water wells, fire places on North with shelter. I really like to do this to help others and believe me it’s not easy. Sometimes they decay timers go crazy and I loose map rooms before the time extinct. So I have to build again :wink:. If this however is going to be against the new rules and I will have to stop it, I will be a little sad, but I won’t blame anyone about it. To these servers I play for free so I cannot demand anything and I have to respect the rules.


What if I were the one responsible for upkeeping all of the publicly used map rooms at every obelisk? Simply playing does not include teleporting to each Obi and standing there for fifteen minutes (or however long ‘slowly’ is). Sometimes an outpost consists of nothing more than a bedroll, fire pit and a fridge. How far apart should I keep them so that I won’t notice that I have reset my timers? :rofl:

Other than that, sure, I like the idea. :lying_face:


I understand the idea, but I think there are a few possible issues with it.

People who aren’t going to play and just refresh for extended periods would just AFK at their bases.

I think it would hurt normal players who take a short break like a vacation or an emergency that makes logging in and playing very difficult more than it would stop chronic refreshing.


While this is just a poll, to actually implement would cause more issues than the thrall cap. For one, if a cap limit was implemented, anyone over the cap would lose pieces or large sections of their property. Its not like thralls, you lose the lowest level, how would it implement which piece is lost.

Two, it would be totally unfair for anyone to lose properties because of this type of change. Sure a new server with cap limits would make sense but not an active server.

Many of those famous vids / screenshots of the game from Funcom of large builds exceeds many of the poll limits so they would have to change the vids to avoid false advertising of the game. A good chunk of players do play on official servers after all.

Please note, a simple 10 by 10 by 10 square building (assuming 1 foundation / completely flat ground surface) with only 3 floors and no interior walls, stairwells, etc inside would be 800 blocks. If you count torches, stairs, walls, pillars, crafting stations, beds, containers, etc, it probably exceed 200 pieces easily so a simple structure would be over 1k. There is no design to this structure, just a simple box as I call it for purely function over form.

Anyone building anything with wedges, typically will use roughly 50% more building pieces than just using square pieces since wedges are roughly 50% of a square piece.

This assumes you can fit everything inside your 10 by 10 building (stables, animal pens, religious altars wheel of pain, etc.) where you are not climbing over the stations and such.

I was surprised my clan of 7 currently (1 used the server transfer probably not realizing of the ramifications of it - although his property decayed months ago) has [EDIT] 19k+ in building blocks. Personally, I thought it was much higher than it was. I did shrink a good chunk of the property down prior to the building pieces being posted on your clan page, so I may not have taken that into account. The stairway to heaven as the server called it, stairs that leads to the mountain top (plateau) on Siptah from the valley below was the property recently removed.

I voted 10k since not sure exactly how big each clan member space is, the palace and castle I am sure are fairly high in blocks, with the 3 large towers, 1 small tower, 1 house and road/bridges connecting the properties.

EDIT NOTES: Made an edit from 11k to 19k about my clan structure size.


mmmm, I have a little trouble with this vision

Personally I pay an internet subscription, a game with its private operating license to play solo and multiplayer as well as a Psn subscription to play online, and to play online you need servers …

This has always been a big problem, the cost of maintaining a server and some radical treasurer would very much wish to see them disappear in order to increase their profit, when I watch sony and the direct attack of certain shareholder just looking at their profit and it has greatly annoyed me
but today we have the possibility either to use the official server of the game, which for me made part of the game and its license or to rent a private server

It’s not about saying it’s free, no
Nothing is free wagering, there is charity and the main actors that make this game possible aren’t charities organistaion even if they can be.
I said to myself, it’s a server, I respect the rules of this server, I respect the Game and other Players.

From all my research it’s often emerges the same behavior problem and as I have already said it isn’t only an isolated problem or specific to this game, it is a generalized problem
For exemple, today in France we are confronted with harassment on children following a Hastag # anti2010, or the goal of harassing children born in 2010, why, I let you find out from yourself. It’s stupide!

To return to our sheep, from what I see, it’s spam and harassment between players as well as the abuse of exploits or glicht
it is a major and complex problem of our computer network
There is a lot of food for thought and work in this area and if Funcom has shown me that it likes certain challenges, I would love to see them as a pionner in this domain.
Their last announcement seems to go in this direction

Recently I made my first report … I would never have imagined doing it one day … but I think I crossed a red line in my capacity for tolerance and it really annoyed me to have to take this initiative.
I like open worlds and in this type of world there will always be what we like but also what we don’t like.
Today his city and degraded, he may have been banned, it’s not my problem, I could loot him but I don’t even want to do so, this type of anti-backlash behavior inflates me
Funcom intervened and it reassured me
this game offers a lot of enjoyable initiave and i hope it can beat records and stand the test of time as anarchy online

For the moment it has only had 22 votes, I don’t consider this poll as popular, but many have expressed their wish not to see a limit applied in the construction and many have a real awareness of the real problem and many suggestions have been made
this is good news and a good thing
Now if I look at the past attempts on the restriction put in place like for thrall, it didn’t really allow some game improvement except maybe for small private server
The gaming community also seems to want to act and they are right, they are part of the whole.
Let us remain constructive and united, the game without bringing the better and the artists working on its development will be able to continue to exercise their talent.

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I love them when they exercise their talent and that’s why I buy their dlcs :wink:. But I don’t think they get a dime from psn, if psn was paying all the online companies even then they will have to give one cent per month to Funcom for me playing in their servers. So I play 30 months and they got 30 cents, this is not payment :rofl::rofl::rofl:. In any case nothing of what I say happens I believe, it is not a gamers job to know these things. All I know is that I play on officials for free and this is a fact. Psn is one thing, Funcom is another. My son is playing multiple online games with psn and downloads all the time the free games. I play 99% Conan exiles. I tried and other games but none is Conan. So when I play to a free server I cannot demand. If however I was an admin in a server that I pay, then maybe I would demand some things. Or if there were servers that I have to pay, maybe again I would demand too. But in free servers I can only ask or wish, I cannot demand it’s rude. I am a guest in these servers, as I am a guest in private. All I can do is thank them and if I don’t like it go, because I am a guest, I think you get my point here.

For what it’s worth, I really liked the idea of a ‘slow timer refresh’ - seemed pretty ideal to me. But the objections raised are simply things I would not have considered (like public map rooms, or how to handle holidays/limited gaming time) - and clearly illustrate that it couldn’t work for all situations. At the same time, the basic concept does seem the most natural and least intrusive way to refresh bigger bases, while getting rid of the ‘spam and maintain’ mentality that seems to afflict a lot of public servers, so I wonder if there’s some way to use something along those lines without falling foul of the pitfalls others already illustrated.

I realise that maybe the following makes the system too complex, but just roughing out concepts for the time being - what if Fito’s suggestion worked as the main decay system for player and clan bases, but with a built in system of exceptions? Perhaps there could be a category introduced of ‘no decay buildings’ to cover buildings that are of public value to the server - maybe voted once a month (or once every three months, whatever) - that would cover those buildings that players create as a service to all (like public maprooms) and relieve those players of the need to constantly maintain them (plus remove the risk of a server ‘losing’ them if that player moves on).

Holidays/limited play-time is difficult - obviously there’s options like the way Funcom extends decay timers for summer, but that can’t be expected to cover everyone. Under the current system, players in those situations can (theoretically) keep their game ticking over without losing anything until they have time to get back to it (in fact, I’d argue that’s what the current system is designed for - it just makes it easy to abuse as well).

So how about maybe some sort of ‘decay credit’ - built up in the sort of way Fito suggests, by spending time actively doing things (still need to solve the afk issue somehow?). This could then act as a ‘bank’ that gives you protection from decay for a period of time - maybe even as simple as 10 hours active play, earns you an extra 10 hours on the decay timer. The idea would be to reward and protect people that play the game, while removing the ability and incentive to not play and just take up (virtual) real estate.

I don’t think I’ve got this right. But maybe there’s something in there that could be workable?

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How about just stronger, more point of entry purges that come regardless of activity? Lack of activity brings down the purge meter but perhaps thats flawed. If you build big and only have 60 thralls (still a lot) you have to spread defense if a purge could come from all sides. That way, the game takes care of it and if you want to build big you must be prepared to defend it. Also, the log in and refresh crowd would have to actually defend their build to keep it refreshed. I think this way at least it would be regulated by an existing mechanic that can be avoided if the clan defends themselves (aka plays the game and not just refresh).


yes and in this case it would be necessary to improve the system so that the purge attacks only the target city.
Because the purges can damage neighboring cities not concerned and as usual there are already recovery strategies malicious …
and personally they are already attacking in several places
but it remains a very interesting function which adds to other could help

Nice to meet you on the forum GullTopp, and I hope you are settling into the community nicely! Now onto the matter at hand shall we. I abstained from voting as there was not a ‘no restrictions/limit’ option. I would just like to say before I offer up my point of view that I have absolutely nothing against you, so do not take my own point of view to personally ok. What I am about to say now is the same thing I would say in any thread which pertains to building restrictions.

You know there was once a time when I supported building restrictions. And when the new building restrictions were first announced to counter the rampant undermeshing and building beyond the green Cursed Wall, I supported the proposal, hoping to see players on official servers get some much needed reprieve. Then the abomination was unleashed. It turns out that no one told us that this was going to be shoehorned into Singleplayer mode too without so much as a word of warning. And now Singleplayers and private server admins have no means to disable this malady or even adjust it downwards.

So what what changed? Quite a bit actually. We could no longer build, or even so much as place as place a Bedroll inside dungeons or Sepermeru, in the Unnamed City or beyond the green Cursed Wall. We can no longer place communal Maprooms near Obelisks. Placing animal pens, shrines and crafting stations became an absolute :poop: fight, and now everything has to be aligned to the terrain and look lame and crooked (my OCD just loves that). We cant even place a Bedroll within 10 foundations of the most mundane and rudimentary enemy camp, quite often 20 or even more! And now myself and over 12+ other members who built in completely legitimate locations, have a whole array new issues, most notably not being able to build in or expand our own bases which have stood for years now! We cant even put down placeables or followers in them, and the building pieces show up as no owner. And best of all, undermeshing is still a thing in the wake of it all. The whole situation sucks.

Now before anyone jumps in and says ‘but this only concerns the number of pieces, not the location’, I will say: I dont care. I have seen some of the gorgeous, creative masterpieces which PvE players have generated in the building contests we have held here on the forum, and I dont want to see that go the way of the dodo on official servers. If players want building limits, then I recommend them finding themselves a private server which has restrictions.

After this whole fiasco I vowed that I would never support another building restiction in this brilliant game EVER again. So the bottom line is that I am bitterly, and vehemently opposed to any and all further building restrictions being implemented into Conan Exiles.

NO building restrictions…period!!
End rant.


Nice to meet you too and thank you for your intervention
I join you on many points of view on this forum
Personally I am nnostalgic for an era, how many of us had dreamed of this type of game? on my side it represented a kind of holy graal, to come out of the sanitized environment of the scripted senario and limited by our technology
There is a lot of debate between player here which takes me back to the past thus bringing up a lot of memories

A lot of developers have broken their teeth on the open environment design and sincerely although I can be tough a few times, I hope funcom will continue to develop this type of environment.

I left the world of computing and gaming very early, why? because it simply did not correspond to my moral and ideological values
The problem that we can see very early was put on the table and today I’m sad to have been right.

The cooperative spirit has practically disappeared, so has fairplay
it becomes more than difficult to integrate an environment without being on the defensive, see for certain paranoid.
Trolling, spaming and other toxic attitudes are commonplace
to meet other person, to exchange, to learn to play to have fun positively and become very difficult.
I conducted a small poll in this sens, with this first idea, what can I do on my side? what is the general opinion of this community? how can I adapt to it?

In this difficult context, having a sincere stake is not easy, a survey can also quickly be spammed not necessarily reflecting the reality of things and concerning the words they are too often the wind …

I’m also not for strict supervision, with strict rules and the limit of construction does not seem to me a good idea. can be an active function for small servers
Moreover, the real intention of certain players who expect less ambiguous rules is only in the expectation of being able to bypass them …

Now the only true god of this universe will make their decision according to their interest, it is their baby and he makes it grow.
And sincerely I can only thank them for having been able in single player mode to discover their achievement and to have taken a lot of fun despite all the flaws that the game has.

I hope that regarding the multiplayer aspect they will find a way to defend themselves from toxic behavior which is the real cause of a lot of problem.

I discovered this game by chance in its free version, I played mostly solo the first time then I tried the multiplayer adventure again, telling myself that maybe the thing was improved, in fact not really … yet it had started well …
and as I said before, I would have liked to play it 20 years ago
it may be time that crom also came out of his cave … :wink:

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