Is 3.0 going to address the banning over too assets?

Just a question , and no I have never been banned , ever. I just wonder if this going to be addressed by the devs in 3.0 because not have concrete numbers to go by to keep one safe from banning can have a chilling effect on players’ future playing. Again just a question.


I still haven’t heard FC formally say there was a foundational limit and in fact every time I have seen a FC employee discuss it they say the # of building pieces isn’t the issue.

What I haven’t seen though is the placeables discussed (including doors, light sources, and chests). I believe we all agree that these are more the issue with server performance than building pieces so it may be easier and more essential to ask for a placeable limit since these are more the issue than not if someone is getting banned for server load imbalance. May run into the same issue where you get “it depends” but at least its not the same old same old.


I would think if there was a buildlimit mechanic introduced in 3.0 it would be big enough news to make the dev stream.


One would hope so for sure. Maybe they are still tweaking and didn’t want to unveil it till it worked the way they want it to. No false hope that way or anger.

I wouldn’t bet on that. They warned people about the follower limit and then they ended up leaving it inactive for a year or so.

No matter how toxic people here get in their feedback about changes, Funcom still prefers to announce them beforehand and listen to the feedback, rather than trying to sneak it in. And I appreciate that attitude a lot.

Also, this:


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