POLL => Roll/Dodge Changes

What´s the idea of the new dodge thing…cant get away from enemies…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


The new Roll system is so broken -.- I died as a level 50 to 3 hyenas because every hit was either cripple or knock back and roll was useless funcom please just change it back or modders if you can figure it out i’ll take that too. either way if you dislike the new changes you should show it and go on a no play to express it. with servers empty the action will speak much louder than us typing here.


[Edit 1: ‘We’ below refers to our Private Server with Mods]

[Edit 2: So after A LOT more play time from my daughter, she has said that Funcom took away the quick pokes when the shield is not Held Blocking…so basically the same wild swing as 1 hand with no shield. She can still quick poke with the shield Held Blocking but it is like it was before where it is just only good for 1 poke. So in her words the 1 Handed Spears are pretty much useless now. She put the spear away and just uses the sword. She may try the short sword to see if there is any useful poking. No idea why Funcom would make a change like this to Hasta/Dory…really confusing.]

Combat and the new Dodge/Roll:

  • Sounds to me like some of the people complaining about this just don’t know how to use positioning and strategy when entering combat. OR they are simply running everywhere then accidentally get caught by environment that they think they have no time for. Basically, advice, don’t get caught with your clothing around your ankles relieving yourself while others want to make you the next meal. :smiley:

  • We all really like the new combat animations. It adds a lot to immersion. The acceleration adds on top of this immersion.

  • We do PvP and the new ‘Momentum’ and Dodge/Roll mechanics add strategy to the combat. My daughter fights like an ancient Greek (nude, light, or medium armor, shield, Hasta/Dory [1h spear] or 1h sword) and is even Strength and Agility at 40 (Vitality at 30) plus armor bonuses. She is just about impossible to kill. Truly the queen of our server! With the new acceleration and Dodge/Roll it gives us a little more of a chance to get around her shield, however, the good roll distance now puts her in a quick lunge with her Hardened Steel Dory which are really fast straight pokes that do lots of damage when done right. Then she will harness the shield and switch to 1h sword to toy with us or when dealing with more than 1v1. She is amazing. She has practiced and knows how to fight with those weapons. She is patient and defensive with quick offensive moves that frankly we have a lot of trouble dealing with. I watched her PvP in a different server and nobody had a clue/answer how to beat her (makes me feel better about getting my a$$ handed to me daily :laughing:). With this shorter dodge/roll I think she can pretty much do whatever she wants. Funny thing is, I see NOBODY playing with her style (including me. I am liking mace or 1h axe and shield…getting better with shield now :star_struck:).

  • In PvE Hyenas and other quick attacking foes can be brutal since it is much more tricky to disengage. We like it! Pack hunters, like a Hyena and Wolf, should attack fast and brutally rip you apart. So best defense is being prepared to not let the environment put you in a bad spot. Using my daughter again as an example she was almost killed by a bear that charged and knocked her down. She was being mangled until we pulled the bear off. Our private server is set up to do A LOT more damage from creatures so it is no joke when getting caught by something like a Bear or White Dire Wolf! Standing in place and trying to swing your way out of the scenario is going to hurt.

  • These new movement mechanics make being aware of your surroundings more important in PvE and PvP.

All in All we all really like the direction Funcom has taken since last July. Much more immersion…especially for a Heavy RP Server with PvP as an Option.


This poll is confusing!

No to change to old roll
Yes to change to new roll ( new roll is there) so technically you cant change to it!

So it makes super confusing! Anyways I probably voted wrong way ! I want new roll to stay ! I think is great and no more running the whole map to try kill a person

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Can you give me your server name , I wanna fight your daughter :slight_smile:

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Now that we had two days to try the new changes, I think it’s time for a new poll. I made one over here: Dodge/momentum movement after-update-poll
I hope many of you vote.

As you can see now, this poll has swung the opposite direction and an even newer poll that isn’t based off of pre-update votes is pretty overwhelmingly in favor of the old system.

Sorry I don’t have a nifty graphic to post here, but if you want, you can look at the poll.

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I think they should at least revert it while they figure out what to do, when around 2/3 of the poeple (in the poll at least) want the previous roll or dodge and the other 1/3 of people were already used to it, it seems very logical to take a step back even if temporarily while the issue is being adressed. Anyways, as it was implemented it is not meant to stay, and I’d rather play the few weeks or whatever time it takes to solve it in the previous conditions, and so would a lot more people probably.

Holy crap, dude. No, it’s not “who care a fück about you”, it’s “we think there’s something wrong with your particular installation/console/whatever, so it might be a good idea to keep checking that”.

Believe me, if I wanted to tell you to eff off, I would either do that in plain words or not bother to do it at all.

I get people being frustrated, but throwing a temper tantrum won’t actually help as much as trying to find out what is actually wrong.

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Keep the changes please, just tweak them so that different armor classes actually affect your roll/recovery speed.


We really need to just stop complaining and give it a while. It’s been out for a couple days and idk why you guys expect to be gods with a new mechanic with little to no experience using it. Yea it’s different and maybe it IS bad; but we need to give it time. The only problems that stick out to me rn are claws, archery, and thralls. Still haven’t had to 1vX.

Also to whoever said their daughter has always been super good at pvp even before the update and uses a shield with 1h sword/javelin, I think your server just doesn’t have good pvpers because shields have always just been a free kill

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And that’s one of the main problems. Archer in 350 light can easily kill hammer in 1250 godbreaker even in melee combat. Reaper of chess and his mates did some testing

What I’ve been seeing suggests this change was due to PVE play being practically ‘heavy armor only’

Well… this change made me change from light/medium armor to heavy in solo PVE.
It murdered the mobility I loved in light armor to the point it wasn’t worth the loss in armor rating, and that’s with an agility heavy build. It’s effectively impossible to pull back and prevent getting surrounded in many situations now. So I might as well throw on the heavy armor and wade in, then I can survive it when it inevitably happens.

Maybe if agility increased the distance as well as the speed, but right now it feels like against groups or enemies with long reach my only option is to kill them faster than they kill me since they will be in my face and I can’t regain distance with a roll, often to the point where I can’t even see larger enemies to judge their attack timing because they are literally on top of me clipping my camera and I can’t do anything about it.


Yea that’s kinda nuts. I do like that they’ve buffed archery though, but they should definitely tune it down. Charge time being longer on heavies + damage nerf on lights would be good imo. I like the idea of being able to 1 shot with a charged headshot, but it should definitely not be easy to do

No. Do not cut back on archery damage or speed. Absolutely no. Archery was worthless for so long. If they nerfed it back down, I’d probably quit to be honest. I always play an archer in games and if games have crappy archery, I just move on. I know there are many others that enjoy it too.

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Wasn’t ever worthless, you just didn’t know how to make it work. Underpowered in pvp yes but worthless no. I used an archery build plenty of times for griefing thralls and one shotting people running around without epic armor. Bows were still used for cripple too. I even ran archery builds for 1v1 at times.

In their current state, they’re super OP. And the fact that they used to be underpowered doesn’t justify them being OP now. Everything has been slowed down so it’s harder to juke arrows giving bows a big buff as it is. I agree the damage also needed to be buffed but it’s crazy for how easy it is to hit shots now.

i hope this poll makes a difference .
been popping in everyday looking for …

We have taken all your concerns and ideas to heart.
we are going back to the office monday morning, and will work on making this game amazing once again.
sorry for the hic- up , we should have listened to the players more seriously, and should have this tweeked shortly.
we will have a fix for all of this before xmas so you can enjoy your holiday with your family and friends and even Conan.:)…

p.s it is 2019 Funcom , not 1990. this movement belongs there not here.

Having to sink a mandatory number of points into Agility just to be able to move slightly worse than we could beforehand is a bad idea. It is like we are having to pay income tax on our Attribute points in order to remove handicaps, and what we have leftover afterwards is our gross income. There is no benefit to the player here, just reduced restrictions. It is like having to pay our landlord exta money every week in order to use your homes garage, even though we had been able to do so for free fot the last year and a half.


As someone who works in accounting and deals heavily with taxes of all kinds, I appreciate this comment wholey.

Light armor needs it’s own combat pros that do not depend on stat sink. What’s the point of using light armor if my mobility is as limited as someone in heavy? Pretty easy to say that means all combat needs heavy, but that screws over base building (gathering).

I think the roll/dodge just needs sped up a little, not reverted back. The animations are better…it’s just too slow.