POM and Sacred Smite

I have full 5 points in Cleansing Fire and full 3 points in Sacred Fire. I also have Sacred Smite. Therefore, when I hit a mob with CF, it should produce SF effect. According to the description for SS, if I then cast Mitra’s Searing Eye, there is a 100% chance that next Smite will be nil mana and instant. However, this only happens about 75% of the time. I confirm that when it doesn’t happen, I have correctly used the above, I am not stunned.

What am I doing wrong? Or is it because the mob may have successfully resisted the SF effect?

The icons on screen are too small and happen too quickly to see if the SF icon comes up.

I experienced the same, so I don’t think that you are doing something wrong. But like you, I could never figure out when/why exactly it happens. My guess is that it has something to do with your hitrating and that there is a hidden query if the effect triggers or not.

Think so too

Can’t say I’ve noticed that happening.

The more annoying part is when you don’t delay your instant smite and it starts casting it so you in need stop it and redo smite for it to be instant. Wish they would move the servers back to europe so that wouldn’t be a problem.

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Yeah, for me this is probably one of the most annoying issues when playing my PoM. Especially in SW when you can’t cancel it, your spell is mana free but takes normal time to cast and only does 50% damage.

The only thing i’ve noticed is that with the current latency 120-230ms you will get the buff for insta smite but your char start smite with normal casttime. Only because of the lagg after moving servers to murica.
I always do another spell after searing eye before i use smite to make sure i get the insta smite. This might not be the thing that you experienced.

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120-130ms you say :joy: how much I’d give to have such low ping. Normally I play with 190-230 from Poland and then I am really happy.

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TLDR; Try queuing something other than Smite after (Cleansing Fire and ) Mitras Searing Eye, then queue Smite.

I believe this is one of 2 bugs (or the second aspect of one bug) with Sacred Smite mechanic. I have reported them multiple times through petition.

From my observations of my own gameplay on 3 different poms in post-revamp gameplay in T4 - T6 + on Saga servers: I have never seen the sacred smite buff not proc when MSE is not resisted. What I do see is sometimes the first Smite queued after CF-MSE starting a normal cast. This can sometimes be canceled and the subsequent Smite is casted instantly. If the cast is allowed to complete it will consume the Sacred Smite buff. I used to base my playstyle upon “catching” the normal smite that should be instant and recast it, but that seemed to more often lead me to the other Sacred Smite bug, the one where you seem to be silenced for around 2 seconds.

What I seem to have most luck with is queueing something other than Smite after MSE, for example rebuke, lance , condemnation or EoL/WoL, whatever fits into your rotation at that moment, then the smite. That usually gives the server/client time to chug along and register the Sacred Smite buff on your char and that the cast should be instant.

Sorry for the thread necrophilia, but I didnt see a reply quite along the lines of what i wanted to say.

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