Population on new servers?

Quick question please guys I’m going to start on a new server PVP preferably one that’s new so I don’t get pillaged before I can start again.

When it says players amount out of 40 does that mean that are actually on the server or just online at the time? If so how do I find a new one

0/40 means 0 player online on a 40 slot server. Official servers don’t wipe so there are no “new” servers. If you want a fresh server, you will have to check an empty official or a fresh private server.

Is there a way I can find a server that has minimum people actually on it? Sort of a beginner server? I have realised it is pointless playing on servers that already have high-level established clans.


I guess sort them by population and check them out until you find sth you like. You can also check the recruitment section of the forum for private server ads.

Ok I’ll try that then. Perhaps look on the map to see if gods have been made yet use that as indicator?

that is one way. But relatively speaking, most populated servers stay populated. Non raid time, about 1/3 to 1/2 of what to expect to see during raid hours. So if a server has 10 during non raid, then expect 20-30 at raid time, but if it has 0 players for a couple of non raid hours, it is safe to say it is dead and may only have a refresher Alpha on it.

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Also, I can’t speak for PC or PS4 but I’ve learned that on XBox those numbers are rarely correct, when they even populate. Can’t really see how many players are on a server unless you actually log into it.

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PS4 has been right. Can’t speak for PC.

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My experience on PC is that it’s more or less accurate. It might be a bit higher than real when you have a player who got disconnected and the server hasn’t realized that yet. Other than that, it’s pretty much on point.

There are exceptions, of course, such as when the server crashes in a weird way, so it’s not rebooting, but it keeps reporting the last population value for hours on end…


[for advanced research]

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