Portals are disappearing (Isle of Siptah)

I’ve lost my third portal for no reason on the Isle of Siptah map 6111. They are built on foundations and decay timers are turned off so I’m not really sure why this is happening. Is this happening to anybody else?

yeah its a bug, happen for more than 6 months, have been already reported several time, it’s totally random.

so you can have no problem for some months, and poop one day your portal disapear with nothing in event log.

Have they said they are gonna fix it? 6 months seems to be a long time to let a bug go.

Not to be rude, but you must be new here.
Some bugs last long enough to be considered features, years on.

New to the forums but not funcom unfortunately. I was asking with a shred of optimism. lol

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May be difficult to reproduce in a way that would help the bug fixers on the right track. If it is totally random, as azaroth said, the exact cause may be very hard to pin down.

It’s not totally random, of course. Something causes it. But as long as we don’t see a consistent pattern, it seems completely random. So the best we can do is keep reporting these events to Funcom via the proper channels and hope that once the bug hunters get enough reports, a pattern emerges that helps them figure out the cause.

Had this happen as well, I don’t know what causes it either.