Portrait of my roleplay Character "Asazoh Feuergeist"

And so I have finally finished this little passion piece of Asazoh Feuergeist, Duke of Cinder Valley, a Fire Elf I roleplay from time to time in Conan Exiles. I do not consider it being even close to perfect but I honestly am quite happy with my work regardless, and I needed something high quality for my Fire Elven Dork eventually.

I never really planned to play an Elf back then, let alone anything noble, and things just kind of happened via roleplay with a lot of great people. Not sure if Asazoh will ever get used to being a Duke, but he immensely appreciates any opportunity to help those in need.

A grand “Thank You” from me to everyone who helped shaping Asazoh’s story, and to everyone who contributed over the years. May apples forever “mysteriously” appear in your mines, bon fires, and planters. <3

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PS: I am also still looking to bring back this very character into Conan voice roleplay, so if you know a streamable server (means no ERP), where - within reason - the player’s lore is important and not the admin “custom” lore, be a darling and do let me know? <3