Post-analysis of the trailer for age of sorcery

In the trailer you can see an event in the city, i have never seen it before.


It was in Testlive.

Stormsick warriors in Spermaru and the Summoning place. Great sources for T3 & T4 fighters, if you can peel them off and not get killed.

I died, a lot.

Like, a lot, a lot.

Ends with a Summoning Pools boss.

It was fun, I am thinking it will make its way to the EL in an upcoming update.

the camera is following neither of the characters. That is a cinematic.

Why would the camera have to follow them? You can make that yourself by zooming into 1st person view and looking at 3 other characters walking past :stuck_out_tongue:
Also that event DOES exist, it was active and playable in the closed beta like Pugilist said above.
It also might be introduced in one of the following chapters of sorcery.

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How? lol

I would aggro what I thought was one or two and would turn out to be eight 1o ten T3 and T4 fighters, who would only show up after I engaged with the one or two and would surround me and treat me like a rat trapped in a room of feral cats.

I died so hard.

Now I’ll never know what was in that message :cry:

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