Post Mounts/Follower Leveling System Bugs Caused by Mods

Game mode: Single-player)
Type of issue: Mod Issue (unknown mod)
Server type: N/A Single Player
Region: N/A Single Player

I am testing bugs on TestLive (without mods) to determine which post-update bugs are caused by mods. The following bugs are confirmed to be caused by mods.

  1. Mounted Combat - Only one arrow can be fired OR only two swings can be taken with a weapon. Then, further no further attacks can be made. This bug can be reproduced by mounting a horse and attacking with either a bow or melee weapon.

  2. Newly placed thralls are legacy version thralls (no growth/leveling - percentages are all 0%). This bug can be reproduced by placing a thrall from storage (broken on the wheel of pain prior to the update). So far, I have not determined whether this bug affects thralls captured AFTER the update (because I haven’t captured any, yet. On TestLive, when thralls that have been in storage (for months or years) are placed, they show growth percentages >0 and level properly. So, this is definitely a mod issue.

Issues NOT caused by mods include the following:

  1. Cannot interact with objects while mounted - not sure if this is intentional or a bug. However, it occurs on TestLive version.

Thanks, Shadoza! Good to know. It’s irritating having to dismount to open a gate.

This bug was confirmed to be caused by a mod that alters the ratio of the sexes and changes the â– â– â–  of some level 4 thralls. Similar mods may be affected.

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I confirm. In my case, I can shoot several times from a bow (I did not count how many, since there were no problems), but with the sword I can deliver 2, maximum 3 hits. After that, i have to remove the sword and get it again - for 1-2 hits. Perhaps something with the energy needed to strike? Since these 2-3 strokes do not spend it at all - the indication does not work, so maybe I just do not have the energy to strike and it does not recover?

The inability to open the gate while riding a horse is inconvenient, but realistic. You can live with it.

I have done some tests. The problem is not the number of strokes, but the time elapsed since I drew the weapon. If I drew my sword and immediately started to strike, I can do 9-10 strokes. If I count to 10 and only then try to hit - I can not make even one hit. It seems that with weapons in my hands, my energy is slowly running out (but the indicator does not show this).

For 1. Mounted Combat, I have this issue and appears to be caused by Exotic Dancer Thralls which changes dance animations. I uninstalled all mods, and then reinstalled one at a time and tested each time. So, without Exotic_Dancer_Thralls, horse combat appears to be working as it should.

Have not tested for no. 2 yet.

an other mod that make this issue is evernude. With this mod you can’t fight from a horse. I have test it all my mods and this is the one that makes by me this issue.

DarkJedi, can you take more than 3-4 swings with a sword while mounted when you don’t have evernude mod installed?

yes, i can swing every time the sword or the pike, when i remove the mod evernude.

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The error of the weapons, when riding the horse, is caused (90%) by the overwriting of the vanilla file SK_Human_Skeleton. To fix the bug, the author of the mod has to remove the overwritten file.
In this way I solved the problem for my mods.


What ArsGothica has stated is true. This is a very easy mistake to make in the Mod Kit whenever importing skeletal meshes as it sometimes prompts you if you want to save the sk_human_skeleton skeleton, even if no changes were made to it that the modder may have been aware of. So unless each mod maker goes through their mod and corrects, it could be a long standing issue.

For any modders looking to correct their mods they can use these steps to correct the problem:

  1. With the DevKit closed, navigate to your Conan Exiles Dev Kit Folder.
  2. Navigate to \ConanExilesDevKit\Games\ConanSandbox\Content\Mods
  3. Your mod should have a folder listed there. Make a backup copy of the folder just in case it doesn’t work correctly.
  4. Go into your mod folder.
  5. Go into the “local” folder.
  6. You may see files with the uasset extension. Look at the file names for any named sk_human_skeleton - you can delete these files.
  7. Go back to the mod folder (like like step 4)
  8. Go into the “Content” folder.
  9. You may see a “Characters” folder. If so, navigate into it down to \Characters\humans\meshes
  10. Again, look for files that you didn’t intend to modify like sk_human_skeleton - you can delete these.
  11. Load up your mod in the dev kit and the issue should be fixed.

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