Potent Compost Question

PC, no mods: Did they change the items to make Potent Compost? Because it is not being made with Compost, blood/dung and Raw Ash, as it use to be.

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It has been a while since I made potent compost, so I cannot tell from recent personal experience, but, did you add enough of everything?

A quick test on SP confirms what is needed from wiki link below:

Oh ya… like in the 100’s.

Okay, I just tested this on the official PVE-C server where I play and I found out what might be happening.

If you put in 2 compost, 2 blood and 2 raw ash into the compost heap, it should start producing potent compost. However, if you cancel the production, the compost heap will go into “stopped” mode:

Just turn the production back on by pressing the “play” button.

To make potent compost you need
1 compost
2 blood
3 raw ash.
To make compost you need
1 bone meal
2 fiber
3 putrid meat or dung

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