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If one stacks compost heaps, let’s say 5 heaps high for 10 stacks or 50 compost heaps total for the purpose of fueling 10 improved fish traps at a fishing hut, is it a violation of OFFICIAL server rules? If so, can you please link a reference to the stated rule? If you read it somewhere and are basing your answer off memory, that’s fine too.

My logic is that if a fishing trap requires a constant fuel source to catch fish, and a compost heap is the only logical source of fuel. But I feel that having 50 compost heaps and 10 fish traps may impact the server, even if it is just minimal.

Nothing that I have seen puts this on the forbidden list… HOWEVER a stack of 50 compost boxes may so don’t press it.


You don’t need that much compost. First, fish are not a very efficient way to make oil. The best way for an “iron age” level player is to use a sickle and harvest seeds. You can collect thousands of seeds quickly. Just place them in a fluid press and bam…Oil (10:1) for seeds. As for fish, you can make like four (we have never used more than four) compost bins. Then just keep one compost in the bin to keep growing grubs. Then pull the grubs and place them in the traps. You MUST check the traps regularly as the fish decay pretty quickly.

The BEST way to make oil is in the improved alchemy bench with a Alchemist 3. Bark and Ichor.



No they don’t. Traps have a 90% decay reduction on fish.


In my opinion based on my own experience You dont need 50 compost heap to fuel 10 fish traps, 10 compost heaps would to it fine, even if you fill the fish trap with fat grub it last only for 10 minutes you will waste a large amount of them, and time to colect and refill. I run 20 traps with 20 compost heaps stack in 5 columns of 4 boxes, every 30 min i cycle the production. The compost refills very fast, so you can store de production when you are not fishing and use later. When i made this fishing spot i was concerned about the ToS to but as it is not a decorative structure, and theres is only one next to the base i thinks its ok. Hope you could find a suitable way to your needs.

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We have a chest full of oil thanks to our Witch Doctor on our improved alchemy :grin: :+1:


I use to have improved preservation boxes filled with buff fishes, one preservation box per fish. They all decayed…
I use to have one small crate for each hide or skin. They all decayed…
One chest full for every legendary category, 10 categories of legendaries. They all decayed…
@RobertPaulson, do as you please, you want to do it, do it. 50 is excessive a bit I hope you won’t find trouble. Yet you are going to spend time to something you ain’t going to use.
Yet your gaming time, your decision how to spend it. You can have the fishes of the day and more if before you start doing something, place your fish traps, 10 will be enough, put a stack to each, go raid a village close, do a dungeon, a vault and comeback to collect fishes :man_shrugging:. They do not decay that fast anymore, so no worries. Trust me, without lots of pressing, you will fill a preservation box in a week with all the kinds and it’s more than enough :wink:.
@dniezby, if you want bugs without all the other use pick :wink:.


Yeah, but as you don’t get ichor from fish anymore (I think), you need to go through some trouble to get ichor. And gathering bark can be a chore too (at least early on before you can loot enemies for their bark at will, and need the bark as fuel for the dryer and tannery).

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You can get ichor very quickly by picking spiders. Even more if you have a Zathite Ritual Dagger too, then you pick twice and finish the spider corpse with the dagger for the Zathite Bag which can randomly drop large quantities of ichor.

Dogs of the Desert have a pretty high drop rate for bark, and should be able to be taken down fairly early on. Picking trees is probably more efficient for just getting bark, but killing Dogs is more efficient for getting bark as a side bonus while also accomplishing other things like earning experience and hunting for named thralls.

It should be a little hard. People all these years could have almost everything without even fighting for it or traveling. You can get massive amounts of bark from dead trees using your pick and massive amounts of ichor from several mobs just using your pick again. All you have to do is travel a bit to different biomes and kill. Your ability to have a horse and a fighter now provide you the chance not to play full encumbrance anymore and to carry great amounts of useful materials. Long time now bark stacks at 1.000 and ichor at 500. Your horse can carry 10.000 bark(it will eat some in the way but it’s ok I guess) or 4.500 if you want to play it safe and leave a block with horse food. I think it’s for the best. I personally no more fixing fishing huts. I place my traps, go around do things and return to collect them, I find this logic better with less land claim and more reality on the fishing part.

I just landed on Siptah a few days ago. The only spiders I’ve found are inconveniently far from my base, and the Zath religion is still unknown to me. But thanks for the tip about the Zathite dagger, I’ll try to remember that once I need to start mass producing ichory things.

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Ah, Siptah is different. I am less familiar with that map and don’t know the best strategy there.

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The best strategy in each map will always be “get a berserker” for everything. Most of the vaults in Siptah have mobs outside. For every mob you kill you gain a scale trophy. You just put these scales in the fluid press and you gain ichor. Other than that there is not “far” in Siptah when it comes to the tower. Around the tower you have lots of spiders and locusts. Tower is the farming place in Siptah, you even lvl up your thralls extremely fast, it has several blue and normal skeletons and the loot is very rewarding. I personally use vaults from the very beginning of each character I create. So the question to @Kapoteeni is… Did you get a berserker? Do you need a good spot and easy to farm safely one?

Yeah but same strategies. There are two spider demon vaults that can be used to harvest web for silk or ichor. Plus komodos are an excellent source of ichor as well and there is a literal pool of them in the southern island. Bark? I’m not sure why anyone would want to farm bark via drops…just use a pickaxe and go to town on trees. Siptah has eldarium pickaxes that are comparable to the black blood tools as far as harvesting rates.


Yes, I got one, thanks. I actually try to explore on my own before asking for assistance - I’ve tried to avoid looking at Siptah maps with points of interest already marked, for example - but good thralls are a must for a clumsy player like me, so I actually found one of your tips on where to get one easily. (Well, “easily” is a relative term, since I got maybe a little carried away hacking at the various Maelstrom beasts on my way out with my new sleepy friend…)


You can farm ichor from vermin inside de sunkken city at dead whale room they spawn every 15 or 20 seconds, they dont give many ichor as the spider does but if are patient you can farm there for long periods, but be aware that this dungeon is bugged as hell.


The western spider demon vault on siptah is the best place to level thralls and will net you plenty of ichor and silk. There is also something later on, ghoulish humors maybe?, that will turn bone into ichor in the press. Alch 3 should be your priority for oil.

I do not agree that harvesting seeds is an efficient way to make oil, it’s time far better spent doing something else. As for the compost heaps. I’d suggest one to two compost heaps for every trap.

But really, the time you spend setting up your compost farm and fish traps is better spent looking for a T3 or higher alchemist. The oil costs for high tier armor is no joke.

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