Noob question about planters

Really enjoying testlive. I can’t get planters to work in private/coop.

Built crude planter, put in compost heap, put in 5 aloe seeds. No progress bar appears in crafting boxes at bottom.

Built decorative aloe planters with aloe seeds and stone. Works fine - obviously non-harvestable.

Any advice here?

I’m gonna ask something, it may seem stupid and obvious - but it’s something that I did at first without realizing it:

Did you just put the compost heap you made into the planter? The compost heap is a separate placeable that you use to make compost (basic compost is plant fiber/bonedust/putrid meat) which you then put into the planter with the seeds.

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I have same trouble. You need a compost heap to make compost. That placeable is missing, at least in my game. Think is a bug but i didn’t hear that it happens to anyone else till I read your post.

That is correct I placed the compost heap I made in the planter.
So I need to place the compost heap (made from wood) in a separate location, toss in plantfiber, bonedust, putrid meat in the compost heap, THEN obtain the compost, then place that compost into the planter!

GOT IT! I will try that. Thank you so much for your help drukuku


Also if you’re finding bones to be rather rare, try putting Chitin from Scorpions in a grinder, I just found out like 2 minutes ago that this works to make bonemeal as well. Had a ton of it laying around compared to bones.

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I did the exact same thing. I sat there for about 30 min watching my planter wondering why my aloe wasn’t growing (with about 3 separate compost heaps placed in my planters) before it dawned on me.

Also works if you have the Derketo alter, and put in insects to transmute into the compost there. That’s what I did and had no issues growing things.

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You guys are awesome thanks for all of the help.

Sorry guys, I need help. I’m unable to make compost heap (placeable). Where must I search it? On inventory? On Artisan worktable? I can’t see the recipe :frowning:

Ty in advance.

Greetings All,
What do you put the items in exactly?
Is it a separate,new planter.
You say place the Compost heap,

I put all 3items in the planter and nothing.
Thank You

Ok got it figured out.

Compost heap recipe should be in your inventory. It looks like a pile of compost, not like the placeable.

Thanks for the answer Tika! It has been very useful.

Revising that video i have seen my mistake.

I did’nt see that compost heap is the placeable! I was looking for a box or something!

Thanks again!