Powder of corruption?

Will this item be used for some future spells etc? or will it remain a useless powder?
Is there a secret recipe I’m missing?

Used to be for witch doctor stuff, which got removed when sorcery was added. Now the powder is completely useless and no plans to change it, as far as I know.

I would advise maybe consider sticking a stack or two in your vault just in case something changes and dump the rest.


It was left in the itemtables and devkit for mod use, but base game has no use for it anymore. Mods can add back witch dr if they like but anyone playing pure base game could just discard it if looking at it causes duress.

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When the undead would have been at their peak with the revised thrall work, they removed them. The undead are dead and I have resorted to summoning rock demons instead.

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I have 2-3 created undead from olden days in one of my fridges.

I brought one out to use last year but he accidentally got killed when he was still low level and I was less aware that thrall health was nerfed

So far the remaining ones are staying in the fridge for now :joy:

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Fridge full of wights (probably enough to light up my base) About 10 skeleton warriors. 16 legion warriors and 5 monstrosities on one server. The other one has about half those #s.

Same about loosing one. Thag killed him…but I did get the last scroll I needed.

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