Undead archers please and more ways to get corrupted powder

the undead fighters and monstrositys have been fantastic, I was just wondering if we could get stable archers added to the craftable undead thralls.

more ways to get corrupted powder would be great too as the chests just so often bug or are routinely camp looted on a packed server, maybe make it a special ability of the new witchdoctor alchemist that he can craft it something like 10 witchfire 1 demonblood and 1 alchemical or something would be a pretty solid recipe I think, the witchfire does feel underused.


It would be wayyy too easy to make a lot of them if there was a recipe for corrupting powder. They should just add a spawn chance for corrupting powder in wooden darfari chests too, although a lower amount would spawn there

100% agree that archers should be added though

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I disagree simply because of the recipe bottlenecks already in place, fragments of power for instance, witchfire powder itself is actually a very low drop from what I have seen then you have to farm for the witch doctor itself then could layer on time adjust while crafting, I agree it takes a level of balance, but it is fundamentally disapointing to go to the chests and they be either round the clock empty or bugged.

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You can just make witchfire powder en masse, it’s not something you need to get from drops. And the recipes for undead are not hard either, the only thing keeping me from making hundreds is the fact that corrupting powder is a drop from chests. Even now I have like 60 around my base or in preservation boxes. Btw, if you didn’t know, there are two chests in which the power can spawn outside the dregs.

Not necessarily. In mobs, these things are a nightmare because you can’t stunlock them like a thrall. You also can’t gas them. Maybe you guys play PvE but for PvP these are very good. Sure, thralls have more combat capabilities, but they are gasable if they dont have a gas mask and are easy to stunlock cheese. Undead have more utility and strategic purposes. My base would take forever to get into if I could mass produce undead (which I could, if the corrupting powder was easier to get).

LOL, Hey why not just have a thrall come drop some off for you…LOL


I didn’t say it was supposed to be easy, stop being juvenile and turn off caps lock.

given the state in which the chests bug and how routinely they can be timed/camped I am asking for a reliable producible method, not necessarily an easy one.

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