Witch Doctor Skeleton Crafting Options

So, the Witch Doctor feat is pretty great, but I do have one small issue with it… Why can’t we get Archer Skeletons? They’re all over the place in the Unnamed City, they’re pretty cool as a replacement to thrall concept, and the recent Follower II patch made Archers awesome, so how about we get the ability to make archer skeletons?

If it were up to me, I’d add them to the unstable skeleton crafting options, and rescale the way that craft works a bit.

At the moment a Fail state on crafting gets you an Unstable Wretch (30%) a success gets you a Skeleton (50%) and a Critical Success gets you a Skeleton Warrior (20%)
With the Unstable Wretch chance, and Skeleton Warrior (that you can already get in a Stable Animation) the only reason to craft unstable animations is if you want a lot of weak guys quickly, or if you don’t have any undead creature heads or Power shards.

If you mix it up a bit, say; Unstable Wretch (30%), Skeleton (30%), Skeleton Archer (30%), and Skeleton Warrior (10%) people will suddenly have a really good reason to actually use the Unstable Animation craft, without upsetting the values too much.

You still have a pretty decent chance of getting a walking gas cloud (which is kinda useless) and you can still critical success into a warrior (personally I hate the warrior, it’s barely better than a skeleton, and it’s super tall for no good reason, just throws off the whole aesthetic. I just toss them when I get them.) and the Stable Animation means that most of your undead hoard will still be melee fighters, so the balance of power won’t change much, this change will just be a bit of extra fun for those who wanna go full necromancer and add some incentive to use the Unstable Animation which is basically abandoned as soon as you get your first Power Fragment.

Little bit OT: Since this patch, I put all my archers and dancers far away into my base, because the teleport to any other thing. Be it another human player (PvE server) or NPCs/creatures. And they are unable to port back to their original position.

So I have pillars, where I put archers and when I come back, they are standing next to it…

Back to the topic: Yeah, skeleton archers would really be nice!

Sure! I dont see why not.

I’ve been having the same issue, the thing I found that works is they need a full square foundation worth of space to stand on, and a full foundation behind them and to each side free of any thing (fences, walls) and they won’t telleport. they can have a crenelated fence in front of them, but anything else makes them teleport out.

And thats how we should place archers now to begin with? I rather kill them all now. I build pillars to have them on high places so no one can attack them.

And they are porting on the ground?!?

I think that might be a bit harder to do, they’d basically have to entirely scrap the skeletons as they are, and remake them as thralls rather than pets… they’d essentially need to entirely recreate them from scratch… just adding them to the current setup as another pet type would be a lot easier for them to do.

That said, I do really like the idea of giving them slots, armor slots in particular. Then we can make our own silent legion.

Especially after the Follower II patch. I finally got my first Legion Warrior (after about two solid months of farming fragments) and sent him at the Corner of Bones darfari camp to test him out. The fool nearly died because he just kept swinging wildly at the air and never hit anything while a bunch of tier 1 and 2 darfari beat him down. I’m hoping whatever caused this gets fixed soon otherwise roleplaying a necromancer is gonna feel like a total waste.

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