Prisoner shackels bazaar useable?

Can you use the shackels or are they just a wall decoration? Im talking about the ones on bazaar right now.

Would be really neat if you could shackel unconscious before putting them on the wheel.

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I read a post a few hours ago one person said they didn’t work then someone else told them how to do it and it worked. No experience with them. My self will have to check them out later today. @devilseyes21 sounds like you put in chains and that’s where they stay until you get rid of them no thrall

You can put yourself in them by pressing the Square (PS5). I haven’t tried to put an unbroken thrall in them yet.

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Drag an unconscious thrall to the shackles and click it. Don’t bother with using T4 thralls as it’s not like a wheel of pain, the shackles are purely decorative in nature


So you can keep an unbroken thrall there? Can you remove them and put them on wheel after?

Although I have not tested it, I shouldn’t think so, you can’t normally do that with untamed thralls, so I doubt this would be the exception.

Remove an untamed thrall from a wheel of pain or something equivalent and it’s instantly destroyed, so I’d expect the same result from this.


Once you put them in you cannot take them out. Also you cannot swap thralls out you have to completely destroy it and make a new one.


So they essentially turn your unbroken NPC’s into decoration…I’m not sure how I feel about that.

So as far as attire of said decorations, what are they wearing? See I was thinking there is some use but I really don’t like the Robinson Crusoe clothers but then I thought about the “Prisoner” NPCs in Sep city. Would they retain their fancier clothing?


It would be nice if the shackles functioned like a detention that you could put an unbroken thrall in it temporarily say while you were waiting for another to finish in the wheel.

Then when the one in the wheel is done you could just switch to capture item and pull them off the shackles and place them in the wheel


That would be useful.

was this released? i will get it tonight if yes

This is exactly what i was hoping it was. Sounds ok as a decoration, but if it was useable in some way, it would be much better

To all the people saying the shackles should have a functionality (like holding untamed thralls for later, or being a wheel of pain itself entirely), just remember that if a paid item has a functionality that isn’t available in the base game, there will be Pay2Win complaints.

→ Make it into a 1 slot chest that can hold an already tamed thrall for display and storage?


I was hoping this would be the case at some point. They mentioned that there may be more purpose in the future for them on the stream… so let’s hope. Then again, one can ask, does that take it into p2w territory? Does having a wheel of 8 filled to max and having 8 more shackles on standby count? Granted, with how quick thralls break, you wouldn’t likely experience that unless you were literally trying to convert every thrall in a purge. Having 16 T4 thralls in that timeframe just doesn’t seem likely. At all… so would there be a purpose outside of having it for looks? :thinking:

just bought it, and a bit disapointed the only interaction with it is shackle yourself, cant move just dismantle.

They conform to whatever your nudity settings are. They are also positioned differently to how your player character is shown when you click on the shackles without a thrall.

so do we have to has a thrall following, or has one on the rope? i just ried with one on the inventory

edit: tested now you can put an untammed thrall on it

On a rope

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update: its possible to put and untamed thrall there, but u cant remove or move just dismantle