Prisoner's Shackles

Good morning,

I wanted to ask if there is a mod to apply Thralls to Prisoner’s Shackles.
Personally I think it’s too frustrating for my character to hang around dozing when there’s a whole world out there to discover.

Thank you

Thrall Wars Dungeon Mod (
You just need to look for special named taskmasters who know how to make all sorts of different things for prisoners.

Maybe I didn’t ask correctly. I bought the addon in the bazaar. i can only bind myself to the chains but i can’t enter any Thrall. Do you know of a mod that can do this?

I don’t know of any mod, but folks on my server were talking about the shackles & experimenting. Seems you can put an unconscious thrall in the shackles, however the only way to remove them after is to dismantle the shackles. You probably lose the thrall when you do that. I haven’t played around with it much yet, but that’s what I’ve heard so far.


I tried it and you are perfectly right it works!
With the stunned stud I can put it in the Prisoner’s Shackle

Thank you!


Drag an unconscious npc to the shackles and click it. Don’t bother dragging a T4 thrall though, it’s simply decorative. The shackles do NOT work as a wheel of pain


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