Private Server Isle Availability

Will private servers get access to the new map during early access from the 15th?

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Yea , this really importent to know :slight_smile:

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Hey @Escripion

The expansion will be available on September 15th for anybody who purchases it and servers running the map can be hosted from that date onward as well.


Thank you

Also on the dedicated server launcher ?

That should be available as well.


nice thx

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am I understanding right as a private server owner I would need a new server to be able to run new map and still allow players to use old map?

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That is what it is sounding like, unless you want to create a schedule in which your server switches back and forth between the maps.

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You can run one or the other map. You cannot run both at the same time unless you have a dedicated server and set a server up for each map.


Will there be an update to the Conan dedicated server launcher? I don’t see anywhere on it that would allow you to change from the current map to new map.

Yep also interested^^ I have asked to Toolguy . The answer was :

Right now, the idea is to add the name of the map in “additional command line parameters”, that’s one of the changes from version 1.1.2

But I am not sure to understand and it’s maybe not the final way^^ Don’t know

I asked this in another thread compiling questions for you all, but if our private server is running the new map, will players that don’t have the DLC be able to play with us? Running a second server to run the new map, would be a drain on our server resources, and it would fracture the community we’ve built up. I would hope this would be like any other DLC, where if a player didn’t buy it, they just wouldn’t have access to the new recipes associated with it.

Considering that it was stated that you will have to select the map when you start your own client, those who didn’t purchase the map wouldn’t have an option to select it in order to join your server. So I am fairly confident that the answer is, no, they won’t be able to play with you on the new map server unless they purchase the expansion.


I think you are misinterpreting the statement Funcom made.

…You will be able to choose which map you wish to play on when playing Single Player, Co-Op, or setting up a Dedicated Server…"

So when playing single player or co-op, you can choose which map. When setting up a dedicated server, you can choose which map. It says nothing about when browsing servers.

Each DLC comes with things that you will not be able to craft unless you buy the DLC. BUT, the things are still there for players to access/experience if they haven’t. Take mounts. It doesn’t matter if you have the DLC to be able to ride a mount. You just need to acquire it from someone that does have the DLC.

Wine Cellar - All the recipes at the end of the dungeon are available to anyone, regardless of their DLC status for the Debaucheries of Derketo. (The Dungeon too!) But they can’t make the DLC building things (Treehouse stuff) or other things, unless they have the DLC.

So… maybe they can still access the map here, but not yet be able to make use of the Recipes associated with it until they buy the DLC. See what I’m saying here?

As a Private Server Admin, it’s paramount that we keep our communities intact, so being able to keep our players together, regardless of what map the server is running, is our priority. THAT is why I’m asking for clarification from the DevTeam.

Thank you for your opinion, though! I guess I’ll find out either tomorrow, or closer to full release. /shrug.

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