Running both maps?

We privately host our conan server on our own machine. Is it going to be possible for us ro simply host both maps and have them going consistently? The info about switching back and forth that I’ve found so far has been kinda confusing.

Not on one server, no. Would need to run two servers for both maps. Or switch maps as you need to on one server. Character data is stored to each database separately.

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Really? Even though I host on a machine in our home? Seems kind of ridiculous that we would need another seperate physical machine to add this lol. We don’t rent a server, we own one.

Theoretically speaking, if you have beastly good hardware, could you run two servers on the same machine? I never tried running a dedicated server, and I don’t have beastly good hardware, so I’m curious :slight_smile:

Our Primary machine runs 10 ark maps. Was kinda hoping our 2nd and one could do the same for conan lol

You can do that already with the base game. UE4 is mostly single threaded, so a good multicore CPU can and does often run multiple servers ( rental server hosts do this already too). So can you run both maps from one machine? I can only speculate, but in theory, yes.


You can run both maps on one machine, but the limitations of the game instances are that each game instance can only run one map. So you’d have to run two instances of the game to have both maps. But each instance is a separate server.

I feel your pain. I now wonder if this is not a cleverly designed ploy to ruin many private servers and destroy the hard work of the modding community. There is absolutely NO excuse for not incorporating the new map into the current one other than reasons I am not going to post in these forums.


I have to disagree on this. As a Server Admin, I’ve seen how bloated the server logs can get, and the .db files of the save game when you get a decent sized community built around your server. We recently performed a .db cleanup using a script to remove campfires and a couple other items from the playfield, and could notice a huge difference in lag and how the server responds. But if we were to add an entirely new map on top of the current map, even if it’s just the same player base we have now, I can see those db files and the log files overwhelming the servers so the performance would end up so much worse than before.

You just have to face that the game engine has it’s limitations.

Y’all just salty you have to start over from level 1 again. Oh no. Whatever shall we do? It’s a new story. A new experience. Play it in the spirit that the game developers intended.

Or… buy your own server, and as an admin, import all your players at their max level from whatever server they came from and watch how everyone steamrolls the content and then complains they have nothing to do.



I currently host two servers from a single machine. its a little tricky but definitely doable. RAM and good internet connectivity are crucial


Is that why they gave us the devkit changenotes 5 days in advance?

I already know what creatures are in the new map including the ones not shown in the video.

Lol this is unreal. My opinion of course but you inevitably just killed the game by trying to save it

It is entirely misleading to consumers to advertise the “new content” as being part of the old game when it’s actually a new game if it doesn’t coexist or interact in real time gameplay with the original product. I can’t simply just take my character( leveled or new) on any existing CE server and go explore the new content. Instead I have to go play a whole new game that is basically just a template of CE, a new game that is CE in name alone.

And it’s not that I don’t want “to partake in the new adventures found in Siptah” because I really do. I don’t want to have manage my time between 2 different servers and games to have to do it though. And basically you’re saying that it needs to be this way because there’s too many campfires left placed across the map…

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It has just recently been confirmed that the expansion pack does add new content to the base game:

So if you buy the expansion pack, you can also craft at least some of the building sets, armor and weapons from it in the base game, too.

Let’s try to look at this situation a little more objectively ( think that’s the appropriate word).

I hate being a nay sayer to anything, I really do. But this just doesn’t work for me so it’s fair to assume that this doesn’t work for others as well(if it’s just me then just ignore me, fair enough).

Main problem I have with this is the time management. 2 servers, 2 bases, 2 grind schedules and double the amount of mouthed to feed(to name a few). However… what if there’s a more creative solution to this. Let’s say there’s 5 CE servers in an eastern time zone and then 5 siptah servers in the same eastern time zone, could not we work into the program an app or feature which allow for your current character to be imported/exported back and forth between the 2 different maps. Say we “marry” 1 of each map to the other so now you have 2 different maps on 2 different servers, fates indefinitely intertwined.
This way one player would not have to start a whole new game and build a whole new character and have a whole new base to manage. Some players will build in the new map, others the old but would not have to do both but still be able to raid ( or be raided) from one land to another. Yes I realize this would have to allow for longer load screens and respawn times in some instances. *and yes probably more of those dam campfires but way less actual bases.


quite an expensive DLC for 20 bucks , specially for those who does not want to move but would like the DLC .

i agree there should be an import , export solution , and then it will be a real expansion for me,

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