Not tech savvy but did they say you can have both maps on same server?

They were not really clear about this. It seems the way they said it you you just add to the server and you chose when you log in which map you want to play. She seems to confirm that later. Not sure.

I have my own server so I would like to know. There is no way I am changing the old map to the new one.

Until I am sure you can have both on same server I am not buying the new map. Not worth for me at all.

What make me think you can have both is I don’t see them spend more money for different servers with only the new map. If its not the case you can expect them to close servers. I hope they will make it more clear about this as even people who don’t have their own server would like to know what will happen to the official servers they are on right now.

Hopefully we get that answer before the release of early access on the 15th.

When you set your server up you select which map you want running on your server. You don’t get to have both running on the same instance though no. Now you COULD if you own your own server have two instances running… one instance for the old one for the new yes that is possible, thats what people do in ARK and Atlas all the time.

I rent the server but it’s mine in a way so I could do that.

To explain it in a simple way:

Scenario 1:
You rent a server with 10 slots from G-Portal. Now you run the base map on it.
After 15th, you can stop the server and change the map to Siptah.
After you get tired of Siptah, you can stop the server again and change to the base map and continue from the same place you left it before you changed to Siptah.
You can swap back and forth between the maps on each server restart. Each of the maps will have its own database (save). Think of it as swapping between 2 saves.

Scenario 2:
You run a dedicated server (you have access to the machine) which means you are using the Dedicated Server Launcher.
You can start one launcher with the base map and a second launcher with the Siptah map.
Now you have 1 machine running 2 servers (one vanilla and one siptah). You can log on one or the other as you like but they won’t be connected in any way.

I hope it is a bit clearer.


Tks it is. I wonder if like the old map you could play solo on your system instead of a server? That might be an option for some people. It’s like they were not prepared for some of the questions that should have been obvious. They did not even say if their own servers will change to the new one or open new ones which I don’t see them doing it. A lot of questions went answered.

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If you mean in singleplayer/co-op, yes, you can.

Tks. Then I will probably buy it.

You will need two servers to run both. Right now one server is trying to decide which one of their servers they are going to change. Both have current players on it, and they dont want to move. So someone is going to get shafted.

Id like to know how to add the new expansion to a server. I rent 2 diff servers and we’d like to add the new one to both that way one can be running one while the other runs isle…but am not tech savvy either in the least and clueless how to go about this…lol

It’s not an expansion, it’s a duplication.

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