You don't like veterans?

It is somewhat sad, but one has to move on! Looking at old savegames, all the energy that went into them, the fight the adrenalin, all gone and useless now! And sitting in bigass bases with super thralls and legendaries, how boring! Thats just how it is! But new and even greater adventure awaits, or something along these lines! And all the other players are in the same situation, so they will come along, or something along those lines…


Just imagine saving money buying the game 2 months ago and having made some friends and spend all summer to build up a base and get competitive

Funcom: New map

Admin of the server you play on:Yeah we gonna play on the new map just start from zero.

Player:But i dont have any money to buy the dlc.

Funcom:Life sucks deal with it.

Player to friends:Hey guys, you gonna play on the new map?

friends: Yeah sorry, If you want you can come in discord and listen to us playing on the new map until its christmas when you get more money to buy the dlc.



No one is forcing players to buy the expansion and move to the new map.
If friendships and communities are tightly knit, they will either stay or move together.

I know for certain, that if those I play with prefer to play on the old map, then there will be no change.

That is a choice everyone has to make for themselves.


Some don’t have that choice because they dont have extra money to spend.


Then if they are part of a group of friends, I am sure friends will either stay with them or pool the money for an expansion.

At this point, I see no disadvantages to the expansion. Whether it is good enough to make the transit from old to new map will just have to be seen.

I will buy the expansion just to be able to use the new stuff on old map, should I opt to stay on the old map.


Hey there,

The Exiled lands will still be available for those who choose to stay in them. Most of the additional DLC content included in Siptah will also be available in the Exiled lands, including building sets, armors and weapons so there is value in the expansion for those who do not wish to partake in the adventures found in Siptah. The base game will also receive normal patches and updates like it did before.
Moving to Siptah is not mandatory for those who choose not to.

For more details and questions, please check our stream today at 5pm CEST at


Dream on Dream on…

To me, this expansion is a win-win, no matter which map I opt to play (except if the implementation makes the whole game explode with bugs and crashes, as one could fear)

I will buy it; you will probably not. I am excited, you are not. I think that’s all I can really conclude from your posts so far.


If they don’t have extra money to spend, they shouldn’t be wasting what they have on games anyways. This is a stupid argument.

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By weapons and armor do you mean items from bosses and dungeons or cosmetic DLCs, will there be new additions like mobs, bosses dungeons and small locations e.g camps and non paid DLCs ?

Other games you mean? :slight_smile:

Its funny because whatever they do people will cry XD People were crying so loudly for something new. Now they bring something new and leaving the option for you to play the old stuff if you dont want to try it and still - crying. Humans are legit horrible.


No. I meant what I said. Do not put words in my mouth to further your own agenda.


Looks to me like they don’t like console anymore haven’t been able to even play the game for almost 3 weeks now where is are fix?

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Read your own comment again.It literally says :" If they don’t have extra money to spend, they “should” be wasting what they have on games anyways."It is called a contradiction.

Ok so I made a typo. Sue me. It is corrected. Anyone with enough reading comprehension should have been able to figure out what was meant by the context alone.


Please keep it civil.


What do you win?You lose your base and all the gear you worked for.The only thing that is the least time consuming is the levels and recipe.

  • you have to pay for a map that will look different but is actually an old car with a new paint job.

You have to pay to see this and pay extra for new dlc.They are basically selling you the same game twice. :slight_smile:


We’re not sure where this statement is coming from:

As we mentioned above, moving to Siptah is not mandatory.
Please refer to this previous answer:


So, when i log out with 100 explosives and log into to the new game i will have those in my inventory?