So it's not an expansion its a new game!

All this new’s an still no fix for the crashing on the Xbox it’s been 3 weeks almost since you broke the game perfect do you guys even care about the console anymore it doesn’t look like it to me or is it when you need money then you start caring this is bs


Can’t take this company serious if i play onthe Xbox an can’t play anymore do to your update breaking the game then you go this long with no fix tell me y should i buy your new map​:eyes::eyes::eyes:

When and where?

Again, a source for that claim would be much appreciated.

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U r clutching a crumbly bank and the current is strong darksung.

Lmao :rofl:

And now it has officially been confirmed that this expansion pack adds content to the base game, too:

So if you buy the expansion pack, you’ll be able to craft at least some of the building sets, armor and weapons from it, regardless of the map you’re on.

Is that enough to accept that this is, in fact, an expansion pack or do you want to insist on redefining the meaning of that term because you didn’t get exactly what you wanted?


i understand your feelings regarding this. i am with you funbags,


Thanks man you know I love that this is coming to the game but i haven’t been able to play the game for almost 3 weeks now. Like where is the fix for Xbox already i really don’t want to walk away.

Thank you, you made my day

Funbags They are all focused on the cash cow, Anythibg else is not important for them right now. Regardless of platforms. And that is a fact!


And I’ll buy it… twice… sorry man I know that is not what you want to hear


Your money. It has nothing to do with what people want to hear or not.

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From what I’m reading, it’s as much an expansion as Fallout: New Vegas is an expansion of Fallout 3.

Except beginning a new New Vegas game does not delete all your Fallout 3 saved games.

Bad answer… U gonna lose players…


It’s an expansion, like those of other game like conan: ark, dark and light etc…

Then I apologise for my assumption

Categorly false. It requires the game to be INSTALLED. The playtrough 1-60 will happen on Siptah and will NOT require any playtrough of normal map.


Yeah, dude, I’d love map clusters too. But it aint gonna happen this time. Future? yes?


You are aware how things like maps and levels work in games, right? You need the game to use the content. It won’t work any other way. It’s not a standalone client.

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