Private Server on xbox

Private Server using exiled lands map on xbox

I do use the admin tools to maintain the server and help people out from time to time.
I do play the game daily and build things without using the Creative Mode
I have built a Welcome center to help with character starts before they wonder out to build there kingdom
I am working on a map-room transportation system for those not wanting to deal with corruption
I do have discord nothing big or fancy
PvE server

My minor server boosts are:

  • XP Multipliers for player,kills,crafting and Haevesting have been moved up to 3.0
  • XP Multiplier For time passing has been lowered to .1

Day/Night Cycle
-Day Cycle/time, Night time/cycle have all been reduced to .5 (longer days and Nights)

-Player Active thirst/hunger reduced to .5
-Player Idle thirst/hunger reduced to .1
-Drop Equipment on death is turned off

-only play with the NPC Spawn timer from time to time

-Item Spoil rate reduced to .1 (stuff still spoils like crazy)
-Harvest Amount Multiplier increased to 3.0
-resource respawn speed increased to 2.5
-land claim radius reduced to .25

-Thrull crafting time reduced to .5


  • Purge Enabled
  • Purge level set at 3 standard( I increase it when my meter pops but I notify everyone)

If you are interested playing with these settings and ideals please feel free to send me a PM and
I will get you set up. I plan on setting up events in the near future.

Can Contact me on xbox user name Cr0jack

Great to see more private servers. Your settings are very similar to what we have on our Playstation server that has been up since the game began. Question we also have a Siptah server witch decay and days server has been up doesn’t function properly. Can you please let me know how things are working for you. @Cr0jack

Welcome to the Forum

I do not have an open sipta map atm

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