Problem please help! all of our base loot is gone because of a huge glitch


My group and I are playing on NA official server #1515, a clan mate and I were online about an hour ago while we got raided by the clan Savage McGee 2 of their members to be exact, they got partially into our base and blew up a bunch of our loot chests and I repaired the way that they came into our base and also trapped one of them into a 1x1 doorway, we geared up and came to fight them and the one not trapped inside the 1x1 logged out of the server with all of our loot on him because of this new change you implemented he is now offline inside of our base with ALL of our loot on his body and guess what he is INVISIBLE to us. Please contact me this is insane that this is in your game this change needs to be reverted, and we also killed the guy in the 1x1 and got all his gear but he did not have our base the guy that logged out has everything on him please help, my contact info is in the support ticket Funcom #1068429.


Remove doors

Wall them in.

Load room with traps and spikes. Add a few thralls while you are at it

Then they’ll sign on and die when OP is not on and the loot will despawn… Such is the way of the world.

I agree why the heck u disabale on server settings disapair in DC??? WTF !!

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