Problem with a player blocking building on official server


I have a group on an official server and we now have a problematic player who is intentionally blocking player builds by building directly into or next to where the players are with an endless amount of “Paths” for him to use, he’s already admitted he’s using it to stop people form getting closer to him but he’s blocked off nearly an entire map block.

Is there anything we can do about build blockers or are we just SOL?

Only the developers or the owner of the server (if it is not an offical server) can send a special purge or a deity top of that player. Sadly its the only solution if it is a pve server.

Other players may try and lure world bosses top of that player aswell. But it’s results are limited.

it is an official server.

I’m trying to find out how to report the player to the official GM team but I cannot find a way to do this.

Sadly nothing much to do if it is an offical server.

Another player sent me a message on how to report them but thank you anyways

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