Problem with Battle Eye

So im trying to install it to play on official servers, but it bumps an error:
00:21:33: Starting BattlEye Service…
00:21:37: Launching game…
00:21:37: Windows Kernel modification detected. Please repair or reinstall your system.
00:21:37: Failed to launch game.

I have no problems with haveing battleeye if it stops at least some cheaters on official servers, but I have normal Win7 64 and have no intention to reinstall it because of one game.

Anyone had the same problem? What will you suggest?

Im about to refund game despite I like it much…

Well I refunded game. Microsoft can kiss my ■■■. And yes, its the microsoft that is the problem:

When launching the game I get a “Windows Kernel modification detected.” error. How can I solve this?

You are either using a cracked version of Windows or you previously installed hack software that disables certain important security features of Windows. Unfortunately, we cannot support systems that run a hacked Windows kernel. To solve this you can try to check your system files for corruptions and possibly repair them by following these guides: and . Otherwise you need to perform a full reinstall of Windows using a legitimate copy.

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