Problem with placing in CAVE - Bug

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: BUG
Server type: PVP / PVE
Region: EU

For some reason you cant place Maproom, all types of Altar, Water well and Large Water well in cave. Error message is “OVERLAPPING WITH ANOTHER OBJECT OR TERRAIN”.Spot where i was trying to place this object is empty. size 10x10

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What is the height and do you have anything like doors stairs ect close to where you are placing maproom all those things seemingly have a effect on placement especially height has to be 2 levels up

Or could the overlap be above you? Check for critters.

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Nope. Everything for placing is fine, i am not standing in object place. I try it on official server, but same problem for single (i am playing official)

I have had similar issues building in my cave.

I needed to (oddly enough) build one full floor of sandstone foundations. Then I added one full floor of khitan over top. Only then could I add certain structures.

Where are you building?

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