Placing down a Map room?

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Bug
Region: [Here]

Since the new Hotfix today I have been wasting resources, and hrs of my time trying to place a Maproom. Having seen them on top of peoples roofs, foundations, even pillars, thought I’d give it a go. But all I get is is “Overlapping Terrain” ?! placing on a foundation,Really! “Not enough contact with the ground”?! the last being the best, as it flags up while trying to place on the Feckin ground!!! so in short you broke the Placement values! nice! something else that now doesn’t work

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Build foundation ( Any shape, larger than 8x8 squares ) Maproom …
3.No seriously place Maproom…
4.WTF! …Just place the Bloody Maproom!!

Do not place anything on sides/above. It is general rule for placing any bigger placeables. Rotating can also help.

All the structures I built were just floors, or platforms. Even flat ground! same result each time, which is mad as I placed a Greater wheel of pain on a foundation platform, in water with no problems yesterday?

My guild found out that if there are doors 1 floor above or bellow we couldnt place some stuff. Fixed by removing door, placing map room and replacing doors.

Yes, doors are evil, even more evil than stairs!