Map Room cant be placed

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Today i put back the map room into my inventory cause i wanted to spin in by 90 degree. Now it says i cant place it. ( Collision warning) Not even if i put it on the exact same space. Any hints how i can place it bag on the rooftop?

Server #3053

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Is your roof just big enough for a map?(a 4 “ring” circle or big square?). If it is, and then did you place fence or crenulations at the edge? I tend to keep thing very tight myself, and if your map room is very near the edge of your platform you want to place it the collision 'boxes" of the fence and the real full width of the map table(seen if you adjust its height above the ground) will touch. Its a bit of a chore sometimes but try raising the height by 1, rotating it with the controls and just making subtle movements with the table.

I placed thw fence after i placed the map room so that might be the reason going to test later. But there is more than one square space between room and fence.

Yeah, the same problem occurs while building in general.

If you’re going to place something that you can later pick up… If built around it, even sometimes an entire foundation space it will break the replacement of the building. Quite annoying… So you’ll have to destroy everything that you build that doesn’t make it an even surface and then place the map room again how you want it, then replace whatever else you’d have around.

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