Map Rooms No Longer Fit

So a ways back, we solved our troll issues by emptying our bases, dumping chests, letting them waste their efforts for zero gains. Pain in the backside, felt wrong, but when dealing with cheaters with zero dev response, ya do what ya gotta.

I getting to the point, we’re in the process of replacing a couple map rooms. Thus far, have had to tear down walls and ceilings to put the damn things back in, and in some cases - and with thrall wheels too - we can’t manage to fit them back in at all.

Having gone through a similar problem pre 2018 October patches, wanted to ask about item/placeable adjacency settings. Collision problems? Build box increases? Could we tone that whiz back down a bit to useable levels, perchance?

Every update it seems like things get fixed, but often with a helping of re-breaking previously fixed problems. Current state of combat and building, for prime examples.

I realize that coding is complex - I’ve coded whole areas, items, monsters, etc in much simpler settings, and know how a single wrong or misplaced character can change or break completely a plethora of functions. But seriously. Please. Stop changing basic mechanics so much that we can’t compensate reasonably in game? Please?

It’s been discouraging enough rebuilding, tearing down and relocating, and working to replace all we’ve lost without having to deal with this sort of bs too.

Any plans that way? Any knowledgeable or informed answers as to ‘why it not fit no more’?

Thanks, folks. Happy hunting.

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Try rotating them. Sometimes I can’t fit a map room, but rotating them will let them fit. It seems like certain sections of the map room can clip without issue, but other parts can’t.


Revision bugs. Funcom seems to have some chronic struggles with these, unfortunately.

The maps can be placed, and then surrounded by walls. However, if you pick up a tight fitting map, the collision profile for the map placement will run into the walls (that the game allowed you to place - the walls have a different placement collision profile, and can “snug up” to the edge of the already-placed maproom).

The options are:

  1. Tear down the walls, place the maproom, and then rebuild the walls and ceiling.
  2. Make your structure 1 block larger so that you give your maproom extra room. This should allow you to be able to take up the maproom, and then successfully place it down again since it has more space.
  3. Build foundations, place maproom, and then place your tight-fitting walls and ceiling. And plan to never pull up your map ever again. Unless you plan on renovating.


Darlin, I can and have rotated, manipulated, raised, lowered, and done all but summon the dark powers that be to get these things to work - no dice. Experienced builder here, playing since the first couple weeks of game release. Eternally waiting for that next show to drop with this game, yaknow? :wink:

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