Really Hard To Place The Map Room

Game mode: Private Main Branch
Problem: Bug / Misc
Trying to place a map room into a building… You seem to need to build the house around it as even when you have one placed, have a path around it clear of placeables, if you dare to move.realign it, then you are stuffed. Look at these images please. The map WAS placed here until we wanted to realign it. Now it cant be placed back down without first removing EVERYTHING above it. This is just silly and now this tower needs rebuilding. Why must it have such a large area around it, there is nothing blocking this placement except for some invisible zone. Please cant you fix this, how frustrating !

In the pictures, I have already removed all the pillars supporting the top levels, there is more than enough room to walk around this thing yet it still wont go back down.

I am having the same problem, only the cost to rebuild is much too high as I have tier 3 buildings. I either have to build a completely separate base far from my main castle due to terrain restrictions and it defeats the purpose. This is a very frustrating issue. Any news on a fix?

I raised a ticket, some stations dont recgonised the wedge blocks are placable blocks.

That explains a lot. Thanks for the reply :wink: