Problems with DLC purchase access

Game mode: Not Applicable
Problem: Misc
Region: United States

When I load into the title screen, the option for SIX preview appears in the corner, as it should. Selecting this option shows me the list of available DLC: The Seekers of the Dawn, The Savage Frontier, The Jewel of the West, and The Imperial East (owned). Selecting the “Go to Store” option yields mixed results, as follows:

The Seekers of the Dawn Pack yields a black screen with the text "No content was found. (WC-40331-1)

The Savage Frontier Pack yields the UK store in my web browser (not signed in, and I’m on the United STATES, not the United KINGDOMS.)

The Jewel of the West and The Imperial East packs both take me to the US store, but also in my web browser where I’m not signed in (even though I’m signed in on my PS4.)

Now, if course I can go directly to the store and search and find these packs for purchase, but your in-game links either don’t work at all, or aren’t working in a functional or intuitive manner.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Yep, I’ve had to get them all by doing searches inside the PS store. I bought two of the updates long before they even appeared advertised in game opening screen. Not sure why Funcom would want it to be that hard.

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Now that I have purchased all the Dlc every time I login sidesteps into purchase dlc. Have to hit o o o to get back in game.and would have to search ps store to find previous

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Hey there,

Thanks for letting us know about this issue. I’ll send your report to our team.