Problems with the delving bench

Online Private
Xbox one (original)

Bug Description:

The Delving bench has no inventory in which to place items. While this is similar to another issue on the forums it is not the same. I also cannot place ANY items in any slots, Delving or Inventory. I have not deconstructed and reconstructed the bench due to lack of materials.

Expected Behavior:

I expected to access the inventory and input any weapons and armor + Eldarium to get legendary weapon recipes. I was unable to do any of the following except open the bench

Steps to Reproduce:

Join server
Gather materials
Craft bench after obtaining recipe
Place Bench
Open Bench
Weep in frustration

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Greetings @Asta-of-the-ice,

Thank you for your report. We’ll forward it to our team.

Please let us know if you encounter any other issues on our Lands.

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I’ll let you know if I find any more.

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The bench did same for me in offline. I was in exiled lands, not isle, i didnt try it on isle yet. It might only work there, not exiled.

Doesnt work in siptah either, same issue as described above. There is no inventory screen in the delving bench only the top bar thats labelled delve, there is no way to get into the inventory.

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Heard it’s because it has to be dragged and dropped by mouse ??

Delving needs sorted ! Got 200 eldarium and 100 harden steel weapons here !!

Yo found a work around. Press over an item like a weapon kit then move over to delving bench and press up then a again to move item to delving.

Doesn’t work unfortunately. The game registers that there are items in the delving section but refuses to use them.

Try my method. Got it working. Look up.

I managed to get the item and eldarium in but it is not delving. Anything I am missing?

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