Prodigy Gaming (x4 XP, x4H, AOC, LvL300, Paragon Levels) Friendly Community

Our Conan server IS NOW LIVE! , and featuring a full set of mods made to enhance your PvE and endgame experience, you can check out our full website at

This Map fairly new which means so many chances to claim that best spot!.

If you’re looking for your new start, or hoping to find a good home with friendly people, give us a chance~! Our rates are set for the casual player who can’t afford to no life Conan but not so high where there’s no rewarding feeling for your work.

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Age Of Calamitous


Extended Endgame Weapon Arsenal

Niflheimer - MiniMap

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Swift Elevator

Speech Bubbles

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Kerozards Paragon Leveling

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