Prying kit viability

The prying kit is an amazing addition to the game! Until you use it then you realize that it essentially destroys the item. 50% durability loss is just to much to make it viable in practical use. Maybe 10% would be acceptable.


Oof… I haven’t heard about it, but I assume it’s a kit used to remove a mod in order to put another on the item. Yeah, 50% on an already low durability item seems like a major kicker, especially when some mods cut durability in half when applied. I can see this only being viable for thrall weapons since they don’t lose durability.


Yeah just saw your video @Wak4863

I was like initially “oh great that’s cool”. Then I saw the part you mentioned the big extra durability hit


Watched your video too!
Glad to know there’s this one step we can skip!


Thank you for the feedback @Wak4863

Currently this is the intended behavior of the kit but I’ve passed the feedback over to the rest of the team as we are always working on improving the world of Conan Exiles.


Another possible solution is the introduction of several tiers to the prying kit feat.
So the basic one will take 50% durability while improved and the master will have a way lower durability loss.
Maybe even add a Legendary kit into the world boss loot drop table.


Does it reduce the durability permamently or i can repair it to the original durability from before applying any mod?

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wow it hurts, then sometimes is better crafting the item again expect it was a super lengendary and you was very upset for applying the wrong mod

Thanks for the reply, and for your videos they are a very valuable source of knowledge.


This is a good thing to learn in advance
Thanks :blush:


Does anyone here comprehends the thought process behind creating such item?
It is far more easier just to create a new item and slap another type of kit on it. And if we talking about some really rare or hard to get items, like Scythe of Thag - it is literally 100 times easier to apply all kinds of kits on a dirt cheap iron swords, compare the results, choose the right one for you - and then apply it to Scythe of Thag.

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Permanently reducing the durability by any amount instantly puts it into the “never use” category in my book.

It could reduce the current durability of the item to 1, forcing you to have to repair the item before you can use or mod it again as a cost to using the kit, but any permanent penalty is a price not worth paying.


In my opinion this is a semi useful gimmick the majority of us know what a specific modification does can not see a useful feature here. I realize that I took a break during post and a solution has been posted already :sweat_smile:

Fine for us pvpers. Will be nice to take incorrect mods of gear kits and put the correct ones on.

Don’t mind the durability hit since usually repairing, re-dyeing and transmogging kits.

But you can’t repair it. The 50% durability hit makes that the new max durability.

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Btw, if you took the mod off, let’s say a weapon with an advanced damage kit (which is already pretty much halved), will it half that durability AGAIN? That’s like 1/4 the original durability.

Useless item if this is how it works. Any durability loss is kinda lame because it takes resources to make the kit. Id rather just dismantle it and make another weapon…the decisions being made for this game…unreal…

This is going to be one of those things that I use only while I’m leveling up and getting established on the server. For example, when I get a Lovetap but I don’t have the advanced blunt fitting yet, I usually just store it in a chest and wait until I have the advanced blunt fitting. With this, I would be able to start using it right away and later pry the kit and replace it with the advanced one, until Lovetap drops again with its full durability.

It’s not bad, but it’s pretty niche.

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