Master Reinforcement Kit and Pryink Kit, after the hotfix

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: none
Mods: none

Bug Description:

Removing a Master Reinforcement Kit with a Prying Kit makes the item unable to be modified again.

Bug Reproduction:

Normal Scenario, with any modification that is not the Master Reinforcement Kit:
• Apply a modification
• Apply a Prying Kit
• Apply another modification successfully.

Bug Scenario, with the Master Reinforcement Kit:
• Apply a Master Reinforcement Kit
• Apply a Prying Kit
• Try to apply another modification and get the “Cannot modify items than are damaged” message.

Original Item Stats:

With Master Reinforcement Kit:

After using the Prying Kit:

All in all, you fixed the infinite durability exploit with that patch, which is great :partying_face:
Still, I think this is a bug and thus here is my report.


Wouldn’t it still possible to exploit with a item we can repair?

After all the durability still got up 600 after it was removed instead of going back to the standard value 1500.

Not able to apply another modification would make the prying kit pointless :') so yeah this must be a bug.


Um. In the past I tried not to write posts like this one, but this is too much.

Does no one on the team test the bugfix they wrote? How the hell do you get a bug assigned that involves kits and durability and not notice that your bugfix ends up leaving the item with 600 extra points of durability?

What the hell is going on?



Thank you so much for your report and thorough information.

I reported this issue and we will try to investigate it as soon as possible, meanwhile, we appreciate your patience.

If any more information pops up, feel free to reach out to us :smile:

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