PS4 (18.03.2019): Optimizations, Balancing, Purges, and much much more

Sounds good. Will check it out after work!

I believe patch notes read that they won’t starve but they can still get buff from feeding, so the pots still have purpose.

Is this a atype. I remember PC had a hot fix to put it back to normal. Or was that only discussed in thread?

Thankyou so much for the patch guys. I cant wait to play this. Im hoping by the weekend.


I can’t enter the players list for some reason…glitch???

I don’t post much, but I want to thank the FC crew for putting out a quality update that confirms their commitment to the game and players. Here’s to many more to come.


Thanks for all new content and the immersion of the game is getting better, eager to see new dungeons and new creatures. Good work


Any fix for No Owner on clan owned items (every single thing; benches containers etc) planned soon?


Hey Funcom! Great update, can actually notice a lot of stability improvements. I love that NPC’s are boosted now… Even with full combat spec, flawless serpent man spear they can take about 2-5 full rounds of heavy attacks, depending on lvl. Although some bugs I’ve found is:

  • “No Owner” on buildings. It’s not possible to see who owns the buildings when looking at the doors anymore.

  • Not possible to scroll and see who’s online in play player list. Only the first few in the list is possible to see. But scrolling down, no. Not even possible to get in to the scrolling menu section.

  • Thralls (at least in Improved Cauldron) does not effect the cost of ingredients. When making anything, the cost is the same as without thralls. Even with a T4-named alchemist… Could be the same for all, I haven’t checked.

  • “Potion of Bestial Memory” has now a 2:00 minute timer countdown… Has always been possible to carry with on raids or on farming, but not anymore.

Keep up the good work!
Looking forward to another quick update :wink:

I just looked through my recipes, and I noticed one change not mentioned in the patch notes, the cost of the Blacksmith’s Bench has changed from 50 Brick and 100 Iron Bars to 50 Brick and 75 Iron Bars.

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Wow, that is obviously the sum of a lot of work! Well done guys. It must be so hard to bring all of it together. There is no way I could have figured that you were working on so many aspects.

There are two things I can report. Not to complain, just constructive feedback.

  • In the Wheel of Pain (greater in occurrence), the “play” button cannot be selected anymore, thus activated.

  • “Fixed an issue where some female NPCs were loading the wrong presets resulting in incorrect visuals” : I tester with 30 thralls. I removed all the clothes but left it in the respective inventories. I left the game and reloaded. The 30 thralls were all fully clothed except for one that had no top. Settings were set to “full” in the settings prior to load the game, after the game was loaded and also in the server settings tab. Single Player offline.

L2 starts craftsman tables

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What a great update! The new Elite enemies are awesome and keeps you on tour toes nicely :blush: i noticed that new dices dont do anything when you press use, is it a bug or how else you use them? Official server 3052. Keep up the good work!! :blush:

@Jens_Erik and to other Funcom staff.
Thanks you x 999999999999, hugs, kisses, cookies.

I can build again and get to work on giant T-rex. =3

Any word on changing clothes of thralls at stations? several updates back, made them spawn with alot more clothes, or always course clothing… which makes some of them look weird. XD

Few notes,

  • Naked thralls will apply course clothing, (but have none on them, after log out and back in) giving them clothing and taking it back fixes it. My Derkito dancer keeps finding invisable sandles and gloves somewhere. lol

  • cloth/hair animations still turn off (for those of us who change height slider) (when to much is going on) thou they don’t seem turn back on after few mins. (logging out and back in fixes it)
    My boobies still jiggle, so yays!

-Didnt see this in patch notes, but scrolling to empty slot in journal, no longer scrolls to top.
You can now freely read the notes on later entries better.
(one of them had grammar error, Next sentence is right next to period) thou now I cant refind it…)

  • Patch reset 2 of my 3 player place map icons. (not big deal) (EDIT)
    It moved them to east of The Breach, G9 area. (stacked on each other)

  • Darfari at Dregs entrance, still like walk thru floor. (sometimes get stuck, but nothing gas orb wont fix)

  • Purges, South of Sanctuary Hills(My base is on south end of lake), Just below Y in river, several of spawns, will spawn inside rocks. (breakable ones) I got bored of waiting…and went collect stone and iron, and to my surprise, a spider was waiting inside 2 of them. XD

-Same for The Breach area, on east side, they will spawn inside iron and stone nodes if its purge spawn spot.

  • Lastly, another thank you! Game is running good so far. I can now go by yama dlc and pretend i’m throwing money at you!

Just tested out the new update briefly. There are still a number of issues present including:

  • Load times are still extremely long compared to the PC version. 2 minutes 52 seconds to load into the game after the parity patch.

  • There is still no field of view adjustment option in the PS4 version. PC version has it so why doesn’t the console versions? I thought this was the “parity” update.

  • Adjusting sliders in the options menu (volume controls, etc) still has a pause after each adjustment. This is a known issue and is not present in the PC version so why is it still not fixed on PS4?

Refer to my PC Vs PS4 thread here: PS4 VS PC Versions of Conan Exiles.


Everything looks great, but my gripe with hyper armor cheapness has been increased tenfold. Im especially concerned about the elites spawning around the noob river area. I was wandering around the northern part of the river looking for the new iron nodes and I came across more elites than nodes. I fought one with a lvl 25 character equipped with level appropriate gear and it was a chore. As if enemies using hyper armor attacks to break out of my combos wasn’t bad enough already, now I have to worry about animals randomly spawning with permanent hyper armor and enough damage to kill me in 2-3 hits :confused:

You and me both, trying to KO a T2 Fighter with a greatsword now is a pain, I was trying to beat him upside the head, only to have a vast majority of my swings interrupted thanks to an insane amount of hyper armour, took much longer (and took much more health) than I would’ve liked, but eventually managed to get him.

Then I had to worry about the Shaleback King on the way back to my WoP, he seems far stronger now, I used to be able to easily kill him at around level 20-ish, yet now at level 50, he was barely taking any damage, had hyper armour for most, if not all attacks and was hitting like a truck.

Could you at least make it so ppl in heavy armor don’t get stagger locked by the enemies that cant be staggered cuz solo players still exist and since at least 4 enemies agro at once its impossible to even get one hit in when i go to the unnamed city

Hey @WhatMightHaveBeen

That one slipped through the cracks. The steelfire cost should not be affected and should still be 100.

The same way the PC has additional features under Video settings. Some settings cannot be carried over to consoles due to performance limitations, this one being the case. Parity patch means the same fixes and content added in PC during the past weeks.

Our team is looking into that issue. The reason it wasn’t included in this patch is that we wanted to prioritize the parity patch over console-specific fixes first. It will come in a later patch.

Many console games allow the adjustment of field of view so there’s no reason why Conan Exiles couldn’t. In my experience, the performance impact is minimal and the improvement not only in peripheral version but in user comfort (eye strain, headaches from low field of view “tunnel vision”) is more than worth the small loss in performance.

Have the developers tried adjusting field of view on the console versions to see what sort of performance loss we are talking specifically for Conan Exiles?

Good to know, thanks.

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