PS4: Abyssimal Warzone NA PvP/Light RP

Greetings. Abyssimal Warzone is an all out PvP server. There have been many changes and losses recently and we are currently trying to rebuild our population. The server info is as follows…

Name: Abyssimal Warzone
Discord: Yes
Harvest: 3x
Exp: 3x
Thrall conversion: 5x
Thirst: .3
Hunger: 1
Stam: 2x
Stam cost: .6
Resource respawn: 3x
Avatar summon time: 10
Clan size: 10

Currently there are some old bases and builds that are being deconstructed to free up the server. These will becoming down as quick as possible, however Admin are very busy so we as a server are attempting to demolish the smaller stuff. The few that remain on this server have lots of fun and enjoy helping out. Whether looking for a clan or making your own, there is plenty to do and loads of fun to be had. Please feel free to just hop on in, or add/msg me (DeathsMerc) on PSN for more info. I look forward to discovering new exiles soon!

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