PS4 button prompts on PC version?

Hello! Putting this in tech support in case i’m a complete scrub and just haven’t found the option. If not, please take it as a suggestion.

PS4 button icons would be grand!!!

obligatory rant : i’m an old gamer who’s never owned an xbox. being an old gamer, i’m obviously used to the nintendo A-B-X-Y layout. why microsoft decided to use the same but reverse them, i’ll never know, but it’s confusing to no end to me :wink:

You’re in the right spot: this forum is for bugs AND feedback.

When I played my first action game on the PC with an Xbox controller - Shadow of Mordor - I actually had to draw the button layout and tape it to the corner of the monitor. Otherwise, I would completely whiff on the quick time events.

for one thing i’m happy QTE’s are out of fashion. i always hated the damn things - forcing you to basically not watch the animations programmers spent hours creating.

also i mean i sure could get used to it, but their dick move of using the same letters basically means i have to get unused to nintendo’s at the same time. when the PS1 came out i kinda found it stupid that they used shapes. made it awkward to talk about buttons on a chat. now tho, i thank them for it. root of the problem is probably nintendo preventing them from using their layout tho. what a world.

btw devs : nice game so far! the tactical element is challenging. at least, in the beginning. now we see if it goes like x-com and everything becomes easy once one has enough abilities :wink:

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