PS4 Conan won't run

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Have not been able to log into game for the past 8 hours was building then game crashed now keeps crashing on opening logo scenes. Game had been crashing randomly for the last month with corrupted file message but always loaded up just fine after closing game. Now just won’t work at all.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Sounds like Save file issue, I would back up your save (usb work handy,so you don’t over write cloud one), and delete it off ps4. Try fresh one.

If fresh file is still causing issue, then you can try to reinstall game to see if that helps.

If Fresh file is working fine, your main save may just be corrupt. =( Sadly have to start over.

Had this few time over years… =/

Dang that sucks, had already started reinstall hope it helps so i can try the save file option thank you. Sucks that it happened once i was level 60 and had all t4 thralls and structures.

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