PS4 [EU] [PvPvE] Desolate Wasteland Official Rules 2x Harvesting

All items dropped on death

Harvest Multiplier: 2.0

Experience Multiplier: 1.0

Restrict PvP Building Damage: On

Building Damage Weekday Start: 18:00 gmt

Building Damage Weekday End: 00:00 gmt

Building Damage Weekend Start: 15:00 gmt

Building Damage Weekend End: 03:00 gmt

If we become popular, we will add Discord.

We are a group of friends (3 people) and we are looking for like minded players to play with.

This is includes people preferably 18+ so we can have a more mature playerbase who want to enjoy a more respectful and fair PvP.

We are predominantly PvE players who like to dabble in PvP but the server is proper PvP settings.

This server will have an active Admin but no settings will be changed unless all of the community agrees with changes that need to be made for a better experience, we are flexible.

Server was created recently if that matters. Paid for 30 days at 20 slots, Server will continue to be paid for as me and my 2 friends will always be playing on it, slots will increase if the server becomes popular enough.

Join via searching “Desolate Wasteland” in game or msg my psn Chronostear.