PS4 Hotfix (25.08.2018)

There probably getting sued


Again server 3208 disappeared
After all the hours I spent in it
This is extremely disappointing Funcom wake up

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This actually handle nothing. You still can bring couldrons to the very raiding site then placeing them nearby to do how much potions you need.

Add to this the ridiculous lags and you can say we’re doomed…


Ps4 invite to server pvp tweaked to pve no loss on death 15 slots open friendly no griefers fast level and mats WYRM,S BANE not locked welcome

Not sure if it’s related to the patch, ut on server #3053 all my buildings are gone as well as those of my clan. And judging from the emptyness around us we are not the only ones affected. Hundreds, maybe thousands of hours work, gone…


Just in case, have you been offline for a long period? This game have a decaying time counter that will destroy everything you build if you’re offline for some time. I’m not saying that’s your problem but worth a try to know.

There is a new update out for the PS4, with new content and fixes:

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