[ Ps4] How to set set custom values ( or less than 0,50) on server settings


Hi, so far I’m really enjoying playing Conan on PS4 with a buddy in co-op, but I was wondering if it would be possible to tweak the server settings value less than 0,50 per tick. Ex: I’d like to set the xp multiplier to 2,30 instead of 2,50. Thanks.

Lack of “full” keyboard Support is why its all messed up.

Its known issue thats being looked into. (thou that was months ago…)

Cause things like ~ key dont work, we can’t redo land claim after games starts, once purge meter is set to 100k, your choice after that is 0.

We don’t have text chat. (and I’m mute, and its a requirement to me so i can even talk to people)

Hopfully they can get it adjusted.

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